Facebook overtakes Google on the web

Facebook has reached the top ranking beating Google according to Hitwise . The graph below has been taken form the website which has conducted a survey of the most visited website. Hitwise claims that Facebook has over taken and pipped Google search as the most visited website.

Taken from Hitwise

  • Google search has been overtaken by Facebook but Google still is tops overall as a service if you take other services into account like Gmail, You Tube.
  • I think soon Facebook might come up with Email client to take on Gmail. This might actually take a lot of Facebook lovers to move away from Gmail.
  • Yahoo also is ahead of Facebook when all its services are taken into account, mainly the traffic that is with Flickr.

Before we get carried away and think Facebook is the new Google or the new challenger to Google, it would be important to note that Google offers a massive range of products and Facebook only offers a very interactive forum for social networking.


Puneet March 22, 2010

wow FB is really getting HUGE

Aditya Kane March 24, 2010

I agree Facebook has incredible momentum at the moment

meetrupaligarg February 4, 2013

Faceebook is the best media to keep in touch with society.