Create Slide Shows and Embed in Your Website with Microsoft HTML Slideshow Wizard

This is the most simple tool to create slide shows of your digital pictures. This one is absolutely free to use. No need of technical knowledge and It’s one of the best tool which works only on Windows XP client only. Recently a report says, 60% of the windows users are still in XP, so I thought, this power toy would be of great use to XP users.

HTML Slide Show Wizard is a Powertoy from Microsoft. Powertoys are additional programs that developers work on after a product has been released which adds fun and functionality to the Windows experience.

Just you need to install this tool, add the pictures and When you’re done, you can put your slide show on the Web so that your family and friends can view it. When you finish creating slide show, then you can see a Web-ready HTML slide show to a folder. Upload the folder and files to your website. Simple, Now everyone can view your slideshow.

Steps to be Followed When using HTML Slideshow Wizard

  1. Download and Install the Slideshow Wizard

  1. Run the Slideshow Wizard > Add Images to it. You can also add a folder which contains set of images.

  1. Click Next > Select options for your slide show.

  2. You can resize image, keep the slideshow to full screen etc.

  1. Click Finish and View your slideshow in HTML Page.

Microsoft HTML Slideshow WizardDownload