Facebook overtakes MSN and becomes Britain’s Second ‘most used’ website

Facebook has overtaken MSN in Britain and now is the second most used Website. People spend more time on Facebook than MSN. Duh!

I think those Facebook days are coming back now! After everyone was disheartened when they listened the news that Facebook has lost 6 million users in US this may come as a breather!



According to the famous newspaper “The Telegraph“, Facebook has beaten MSN and is now the second most used website in Britain.¬†Almost 27 million Britons were regular on Facebook in May,2011 according to the research by UKOM/Nielson. Putting back Microsoft’s invention is not so easy, let me tell you!

Okay, so which website was used the most? No points in guessing please, off course it’s Google. So, what do you think, will a time come when Facebook will push back Google too? With more and more people searching their Facebook profiles and pages for suggestions do you think this day is far enough? Let’s just keep our eyes open and wait and watch! Do share your views with me on this.

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best June 30, 2011

now facebook more interisting than yahoo and msn
but facebook will not overtakes google
number two is the best rank can facebook achieve but i think it can’t countinue