Get Facebook’s Redesigned ‘News Feed’

Facebook has unveiled a new design that is image rich and clutter free. The new design is being rolled out on web, iPhone/iPad and Android platforms.

Facebook had announced earlier that they were about to redesign the ‘New feed’ on its website. Facebook has announced a new ‘news feed’ experience on web, iPhone/iPad and Android platforms. The new design is touted as a clutter free experience. The focus now is more on having icons and also larger images and clarity of the feed.

Facebook_News_LayoutI have not yet got this new design activated for my Facebook account but looking at the screenshots, I think Facebook’s feed seem to be liberally inspired by Google+. Especially how Google+ shows up feeds on mobile and tablet platforms.

The iPhone/iPad and Android update will be released over the next few days/week (Facebook can be notoriously quick or slow with changes) but you need to get onto a wait list for the new design.

Just visit the following link and click on Join Waiting List button.

It will be interesting to see the subtle differences how Facebook shows Sponsored updates and advertisements. Hopefully it will be more relevant and less spammy than it is at the moment.

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Ramsay March 9, 2013

Same as every time. We have to wait for the new design. Unlike Facebook, Google Plus rolled out new design to all the users at once. I like it that way.