Facebook Testing a Instapaper like “Save for Later” Feature

Facebook is testing a new feature which will allow users to bookmark updates or rather ‘Save’ them for reading later. iMore reported first that the new “save for later” feature was showing up on iPhone and iPad apps for Facebook.

It makes sense of such a feature on Facebook, as one of the big issues of browsing through one’s Facebook feed is that there is often a information overload.

Credit: iMore.com

Also even though Facebook is often called a social bookmarking website, but it really is not. Bookmarking does not just means sharing links and photos but actually getting back to them at a later time.

With Facebook usage becoming increasingly mobile or tablet based, it makes sense to have something like a ‘Save for later” feature. Online services like Instapaper are quite popular allows users to save links to read them later in a more tablet friendly format.

“Save for Later” for Twitter

I recently wrote about saving all your shared links from Twitter and Facebook on Delicious automatically. But what about a “read later” feature for Twitter? I use this by marking interesting tweets I want to get back to by marking them as ‘favourites’. Then I subscribe to the RSS feed of my favourite tweets and I can get back to the really interesting tweets at a later time.

Have you seen this latest feature of “Save Later” on your Facebook account? Do drop in your comments and let me know.

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piyush goyal August 3, 2012

great feature i hope we able to use this as soon as possible
thanx for sharing