Improved Game Requests Notification on Facebook

Have you seen your game requests today? Did you see any changes? Well Facebook has increased the number of game requests now. You can receive more game gifts and requests.

Earlier it was only 100 requests in total. Today when I saw my Facebook profile I noticed that the number is increased to 300. I don’t know why is this. Have a look at the image below, which is from my profile page.

Game notifications on Facebook

As you can see in the image above that CityVille has 200 requests and other Game requests are 99. Earlier we had only 100 requests including all the games. Is it because CityVille is gaining popularity so fast that Facebook has provided extra game requests space for it? Do you think that may be the reason or this is a new feature they are introducing everywhere.

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Published by Himadri Dimri

Editor - rtBlogs Network