Facebook Testing Secure Login and Picture CAPTCHA

I think that Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s fan page was really hacked ! 🙂 Just after that news, today Facebook developers have launched two new ways of having a secure Facebook experience (Source).

Two new Security features on Facebook

A Secured Connection:  From now on you can choose to have a https connection for Facebook. Choose this option when you are outside or think that the data could be prone to virus. Well for doing that you just need to go to your Account Settings->Account Security.

Social Authentication: Instead of social CAPTCHA Facebook is trying out the new photo CAPTCHA. 😀 Well that is you have to recognize your friend’s photo instead of a text. Well that may be hugely tricky. 🙁 It will be a threat for people who have a Facebook account for games so they don’t know maximum people in their friend list. What if the image is tagged which is a cartoon’s image and you have to guess the person’s name.

They said,

We will continue to test social authentication and gather feedback from you and the security community on how to make this and other social features safe and useful.

So, please do not worry if you cannot see all of it on your Facebook profile. It will be made available on all the profiles as soon as possible. What do you think of this step ? Do share your thoughts with me.

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    1. Yes it is but not so sure about it. i mean why to confuse people so much, what if your photo as a body builder is shown on my Facebook login I don’t know if that is you…

  1. hahahaha its not of any body builder….its John Abraham… lolzz…BTW ur point is also correct….some of my friends change dere dp very soon…so dis can create a problem unless they have option to change the picture captcha as we have in words captcha…

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