[New Feature] Can you have a Voice chat on Facebook now?

If the news is to be believed then Facebook is testing a voice chat. Wow! Some of the Facebook users said that they see a Call button on the upper right hand side of Facebook profile, making it possible to voice chat.

Last year Facebook did plan out for such voice chat when it joined hands with Skype (source). Well, we cannot do anything else than just wait and watch.

Do you think this will effect on Yahoo or other chat clients? As there are almost 600 million people using Facebook they may love to chat from here only. What do you think? Share your views with me.

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3 replies on “[New Feature] Can you have a Voice chat on Facebook now?”

  1. human desires unlimited, day by day people looking for new things, well…voice chat on FB…testing stage now, what more on FB after voice chat perhaps video chat isnt it?

    1. Haha Kishore..Yes the chances are there. Well if people can get everything at one place they would love it !

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