Facebook wants world peace

peace_facebookUsually when someone mentions the words ‘world peace‘ I feel like I am watching a beauty pageant the contestants espousing the virtues of helping humanity and bring about world peace. It is not hard to be a little cynical about it.

But when Facebook the world largest social networking website with over 300 million active users says they want to bring about peace in the world it did catch my attention and I decided what it was all about.

Peace on Facebook

The page is quite interesting. It has a few sections at its peace page. Some of them are statistics and then there is something called share your thoughts which allows your to air your thoughts to others on peace on facebook. The stats are of number of friendship made by people from different countries having differences.

For instance at the time of writing this post, Facebook claimed 6,809 friends were connected between users from India and Pakistan. Similar stats of connections made through Facebook across the Geographic, Religious and Political spectrum is shown.


This seems to be a novel way for Facebook to promote and push peace initiatives. After all it is often say people start fighting when they stop communicating. I am still a skeptic about it doing anything for actual world peace. But its is surely a forum for people genuinely interested in projects that promote peace.