Some dope on the new Blackberry Storm 2

The Mobile market will in all probability start to heat up with competition getting tougher for most manufacturers. There are many new players in the market. The ever improving Android, palm and Apple based products he are really crowding out the competiton for RIM.

Last year when Research in Motion (RIM) released Blackberry Storm it was criticized for not matching upto the standards set by iPhone. One of the main criticism of Blackberry Storm was that it had omitted support for Wi-fi connectivity. So now RIM has come out with Blackberry Storm 2 and released it without much fanfare yesterday.


Blackberry Storm 2

  • Now that RIM has released Blackberry Storm 2 it has included Wi-fi connectivity which was not available with Storm 1 and claims that they have taken care of issues with its touch screen functionality. They have included a 3.2 megapixel camera which can record video.
  • It supports the usual things like MMS/SMS, Multimedia player, access to Blackberry App Store and also browser. This is a great thing as with Wi-fi compatibility it can be quite handy. It also includes a 480 x 360 pixel resolution display.
  • It has a 16 add-on memory which is included with the phone with 2 GB built-in memory.
  • One big positive for Blackberry Storm 2 is that it will cost 280 USD. With a contract it seems to be competitive as it would cost approx $180. In India it could possible be available for less than INR 15,000.
  • Over all it looks like a decent mobile with all the usual things that are included. As a smartphone it does not look like RIM is offering any sort of competition to iPhone but it seems to have just turned out a improved version of model which was welcomed with more criticism than kudos.

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