Facebook working on 4 New Features

Some days back when Facebook faced a downtime for an hour, I was delighted to see some updates. There were some new features that we could see for an hour.

There were almost four features that we could see on our Facebook profile (Source). I was surprised as they were rolled out all of a sudden. Later on I got to know that those features got out by mistake, so Facebook had to be shut down to take those features away from our site. 🙁

Well I guess they should have remained, as I did like some of them. The features were as follows:

Memories: This feature tells you all the status updates, photos and   friendships, in short everything you did since you joined Facebook. The updates are shown year wise!


Outside world filter: You can filter news feed here. Some RSS feed of  some external web service could also be added.


Light box UI for photos: I discovered that the photos on Facebook were on a slider and a black background was present. The photograph feature was really nice.


Submit button gone: Submit button which is present under texts was  removed. I don’t know what may be the reason of doing so but don’t you think that will not be liked by many Facebook users?


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5 replies on “Facebook working on 4 New Features”

  1. yes I saw “Submit button gone” change for few minutes before fb got down few days before….it become just like fb “groups”…we can submit our comment by simply hitting “ENTER” key…i think its a nice and simple way to submit comments but few fbians won’t like it….but I liked it 🙂

    Also that “Outside world filter” feature is still here and its also a nice change….also i saw it at that time too….

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