Facebook’s new feature; get to know when your friend reads your message

A couple of days back, top聽social聽networking website added a new and a very clever feature. As usual there was no official information about this feature as they have not updated their official blog since January ’12. The new feature is related to the messages you send to your friends.

This feature is just like the delivery reports of SMS on our mobile phone but we can say it as an advanced version of it. Now whenever you’ll send a message to your friend, you will see a text at the bottom of chat window which will show you the time when your friends reads your message. If it’s not showing anything that means your message is still unread. See the pic below:

Facebook's new feature; get to know when your friend reads your message

Here the 1 shows that the message is delivered and read by my friend at 4:36AM but the 2 shows that the message is delivered (as there was no error message) but the message is still unread. This new feature is only available in the chat box and if your are chatting聽offline聽from your inbox then you need to open your chat window. There is no need to be online on chat to use it.

So next time be careful if you’re ignoring someone’s messages on Facebook. 馃槈 Don’t forget to share it with your friends. Stay connected for more Facebook related stuff.



Facebook’s new ‘Poke Suggestions’ or ‘Poke Flooder’?

Facebook just added a new feature where it started showing “poke suggestions” on the sidebar of Facebook poke page. Poke suggestions is a list of random friends on Facebook whom you can poke. Well this is just an initiative by Facebook to increase interaction between users as people are now losing interest in keeping a touch with each other by sending messages or writing on friend’s wall.

poke suggestions

But ‘Poke Suggestions’ seems more like a ‘Poke Flooder’, all I can see are useless poke notifications. And when you will poke someone back, all you get is another poke in return from them.

Well I don’t think this is going be a very successful聽thing and Facebook should start working on other features rather than聽introducing聽such features or new聽designs. They should spend more time in making Facebook technically better and increasing user privacy. So what do you this about this feature of Facebook?


New ‘Sharing’ controls on Facebook

After an official announcement on Facebook blog, they finally launched this new sharing controls i.e new controls for you when you share a status, photo, video or location. Let’s see what are these new controls.

Check out the screenshot of the new sharing controls, we will discuss each of them.

sharing control

  1. This is a new button using which you can tag your friends with your status. It’s just like you used to check-in to places and tag your friends without using any @ before the name. The good thing about this feature is that you can also tag your friends while sharing a pic or video along with a status. Also it’s much easier to tag people this way.
  2. The second new feature is to add your location with your status just like twitter does. You can select a default location like my location is written on the right of that button i.e “New Delhi”. You can change it anytime by clicking that location button again.
  3. Same feature of sharing status or photo with some people from your friend list or hiding it with few people or even sharing it with everyone on Facebook. But it’s with a little change here, the only thing they added is a line which says: “Note: anyone tagged and their friends can also see this post.
  4. Now there’s a common button for sharing photos and videos. Just click on “Add photo” for that and it will allow you to browse and upload a video as well.

Stay connected for more Facebook updates, tips and tricks. 馃檪


Facebook introduces Bigger and Faster photos!

Facebook once again changes it’s album photo size and the way Facebook shows it. The photos are now bigger and finally Facebook changed it’s black background photo viewer. The new size for the Facebook photos are 960 pixels (earlier it was 720 pixels) that means the new bigger photos are really that big! It’s gonna cover your whole screen so that person who’s viewing it will focus on the pic only as it will cover everything else on the page.

In the pic above you can see the difference between a 720 pixel and 960 pixel pictures. (For comparison only, not actual size).

The second change is that the photos now will be loaded faster with it’s new viewer. Also they changed the black background as we see in the current viewer. The new viewer will have a white background and the image will cover whole screen hiding the things in background.

Facebook faster loading pictures

Other options of Photo viewer are still the same. You still can’t right click on the photos and you have to click ‘download’ for saving a picture to your desktop. Please note that this feature is not available for everyone yet and Facebook will be rolling out this to everyone within next few days.

Do share your reviews with us. 馃檪

(images via Facebook blog)


How to share a number of pics together in a Group

Unlike Facebook pages, you have an option of sharing a number of pictures (more than one) in a Facebook Group. And that too simultaneously with a single click, you don’t have to select pics one by one. Let’s see how you can do it in any Facebook Group.

To do it, open a聽 Facebook Group. Please note that this feature is available with recently updated groups only, it’s not available for groups with old ‘Facebook page’ like appearance. After opening a group click on photos. After that select “Create an Album” from the three options.

Now select some pics that you want to share with that group. All the pics that you have selected will be uploaded simultaneously just like you upload an album on your Facebook profile. This is a much convenient and faster way of sharing pics. Thanks to the new design of Facebook groups. 馃檪


Facebook Introduces Much Wanted Tag Approval Feature

I have never been very comfortable with Facebook’s privacy options. The changes to privacy settings and usually the lack of control on people tagging me to any photo has me worried. Yes, I still use Facebook, but not because I like it but because I have all my friends there.

The most irritating feature of Facebook has been friends tagging you. When someone tags you in a post, it actually shows up on Wall. The problem is we cannot control which friend can tag us.

The new feature will allow people to approve any post or photo when a friends tags them.

This change is not really radical and should have been part of Facebook over a year ago.聽Unfortunately聽it probably took the threat of Google+, for Facebook to stop taking its users for granted and actually make things easier.

Do not worry if you do not see this feature on your Facebook account. It will be rolled out gradually for all users.

Source: Facebook Blog



Facebook copies features from Google+ in it’s new design [Leaked]

A moment ago, Facebook launched it it’s new design with lot’s of changes in it’s theme. This new interface is good and isn’t irritating like it’s older design changes. But somehow I feel that Facebook copied things from Google+ which is a recently launched Social Networking website from Google.

Like Google plus, Facebook also started showing bigger pictures in it’s news feed. Pictures uploaded by you or even those pics on which you have commented or liked. Also there’s a new ‘This is a Highlight’ feature which will move that post to top posts. Let’s have a look at all the changes in new Facebook design.

facebook new design

(click to enlarge)

  1. No option of switching between ‘Recent Posts’ and Top Posts’. It shows RECENT STORIES by default and once you will refresh the page it will show ‘Stories From The Last 5 Days’.

  2. Just like Google+, Facebook is not showing the space for sharing status by default. You have to click on the option ‘Share: Status’ first and then it’s will be opened.

  3. New option of ‘This is a Highlight’. If you select this option for a post it will be shown in Top Posts to you and other mutual users. That means every post is a highlighted post in ‘Stories From The Last 5 Days’.

  4. Little change in the way events are shown, now click on an event won’t open it in a new window, rather it will show a small tab in the same page. In case of birthdays, this tab will show space to wish birthdays directly on that person’s wall.

  5. New Ticker, In this ticker your friend’s updates will be shown just like a news channel shows ‘breaking news’ on bottom of the channel. Again this will not be opened in a new window, it’ll just open a temporary small tab. (See the image below).

  6. Again a feature copied from Google+, Facebook started showing images uploaded by you, those you have liked or commented. Also the size of these images is comparable to those in Google plus and it’ll be opened in the black window like Facebook used to show.

  7. A minor change, Facebook moved some of it’s links from footer to it’s sidebar. These links are Advertising 路 Careers 路 Privacy 路 Terms 路 Help 路 English (US) and Facebook 漏 2011.

facebook design

These are some changes in the new Facebook design, please inform me if I missed anything. And don’t forget to tell us whether you liked the new design or not?

Note: Please note that Facebook is still testing this design and it’s not available to everyone yet.


Finally we can see everybody who’s online on Facebook chat

A recent change in Facebook chat was one of most disliked changes in Facebook design and that was also one of the major reasons why Facebook is loosing it’s popularity. But this is for the first time that Facebook changed something after getting so many complaints and聽 requests. And the main reason for this change was a major hidden bug in that Facebook Chat.

new facebook chat

This bug was that Facebook Chat wasn’t showing all the friends on it even when they are online and available for chat. Rather it was showing top friends only who either recently interacted with you or most interacted. The reason for this bug was the absence of a scroll bar in the Chat. It was only showing 18 friends (a combination of online and top friends).

facebook chat new

But after so many complaints and requests (so called Facebook feedback) Facebook finally introduced a scroll bar in it with which you can see all your online and available to Chat friends just by scrolling down. However the default 18 Chat friends will be your tops friends only. Roll over your mouse to Chat sidebar to see that Scroll bar. If it’s not yet available for you then either you have less than 18 friends available for chat or this feature isn’t yet available for your profile.

Official Announcement:

After we made changes to Facebook Chat a few weeks ago, we got a lot of feedback that people missed seeing all of their online friends. Today, we made a change so that Chat now shows the friends who you message the most, as well as the rest of your friends who are currently online.

So what do you think about this feature? Is it gonna save the sinking image of Facebook?


“Messenger for Mobile” Dedicated app for messaging on Facebook

messenger for mobileFacebook just announced a new Application for mobiles which will be dedicated to Facebook messaging only. It will be a messenger like Yahoo or GTalk for mobile. The new application will allow you to send message to a Facebook friend or a normal contact directly without long procedure of searching for a friend, then opening his/her profile and clicking on compose message. This new application will show all the friends and conversation and all you have do is to click on the name of your friend and send him a message.


1. Direct Messaging:

You can send direct message to your friends on their mobile phone doesn’t matter if they are on Facebook or not. This feature will either use notifications or your phone texts to deliver a message.


2. Faster group Messaging:

You can create a group and send messages to all of them with just a single click. This will obviously save time and will be an efficient way of communicating.

3. Share location:

You can share location with people you are messaging. But this feature isn’t compulsory, you can turn off your location anytime you want to.


4. Share photos:

You can also share photos instantly with people you are messaging. You will get this option of sharing photos with the application itself.


This “Messenger for Mobile” will be available for Apple and Android phone only in the beginning however they might launch it for other platforms later.


This messenger for your Apple and Android phone will be available from today. You can search for them in your app store. If it’s not yet available, you can check out this link.

(via Facebook’s official blog.)


Facebook launches two new security feature for “Facebook Mobile”

“Facebook”- a website that takes user privacy seriously just launched two new features for those who uses Facebook from mobile. Well not the Facebook applications like “Facebook for Blackberry” and “Facebook for iPhone” but for those who uses These features are, “Mobile Social Reporting” and “Mobile Password Reset” Let’s have a look at them.

1. Mobile Social Reporting:

Social Reporting is a feature by which you can directly report something on Facebook that you don’t like and tell the person who uploaded that to remove it. This is a nice feature but people hardly takes the stuff down mostly because they do not know the person who’s reporting personally. Facebook is now testing this feature on and will be available to all the profiles soon.

2. Mobile Password Reset:

Earlier if you weren’t able to login to your Facebook profile, you had to login to your Facebook profile from a PC and reset your password. But now you can reset your password straight from your phone using it’s browser. In case somebody hacked your profile or you forgot your password you can reset it using your mobile phone by entering either your e-mail or phone number or your Facebook username. Soon this feature will also be launched for all the Facebook profiles as well.

But these feature’s are not going to make any major difference in user experience. Reporting stuff hardly works on Facebook and very few people tries to reset their password from phone, first they always check from a PC that why can’t they login to their profile. 馃槢

Image credits: Facebook Inc.