Facebook’s new feature; get to know when your friend reads your message

A couple of days back, top social networking website added a new and a very clever feature. As usual there was no official information about this feature as they have not updated their official blog since January ’12. The new feature is related to the messages you send to your friends. This feature is just like the […]

Facebook’s new ‘Poke Suggestions’ or ‘Poke Flooder’?

Facebook just added a new feature where it started showing “poke suggestions” on the sidebar of Facebook poke page. Poke suggestions is a list of random friends on Facebook whom you can poke. Well this is just an initiative by Facebook to increase interaction between users as people are now losing interest in keeping a […]

New ‘Sharing’ controls on Facebook

After an official announcement on Facebook blog, they finally launched this new sharing controls i.e new controls for you when you share a status, photo, video or location. Let’s see what are these new controls. Check out the screenshot of the new sharing controls, we will discuss each of them. This is a new button […]

Facebook introduces Bigger and Faster photos!

Facebook once again changes it’s album photo size and the way Facebook shows it. The photos are now bigger and finally Facebook changed it’s black background photo viewer. The new size for the Facebook photos are 960 pixels (earlier it was 720 pixels) that means the new bigger photos are really that big! It’s gonna […]

Facebook copies features from Google+ in it’s new design [Leaked]

A moment ago, Facebook launched it it’s new design with lot’s of changes in it’s theme. This new interface is good and isn’t irritating like it’s older design changes. But somehow I feel that Facebook copied things from Google+ which is a recently launched Social Networking website from Google. Like Google plus, Facebook also started […]

Finally we can see everybody who’s online on Facebook chat

A recent change in Facebook chat was one of most disliked changes in Facebook design and that was also one of the major reasons why Facebook is loosing it’s popularity. But this is for the first time that Facebook changed something after getting so many complaints and  requests. And the main reason for this change […]

“Messenger for Mobile” Dedicated app for messaging on Facebook

Facebook just announced a new Application for mobiles which will be dedicated to Facebook messaging only. It will be a messenger like Yahoo or GTalk for mobile. The new application will allow you to send message to a Facebook friend or a normal contact directly without long procedure of searching for a friend, then opening […]

Facebook launches two new security feature for “Facebook Mobile”

“Facebook”- a website that takes user privacy seriously just launched two new features for those who uses Facebook from mobile. Well not the Facebook applications like “Facebook for Blackberry” and “Facebook for iPhone” but for those who uses m.facebook.com. These features are, “Mobile Social Reporting” and “Mobile Password Reset” Let’s have a look at them. […]