Facebook’s pushes “Chat Heads” feature for almost every Android phone

Facebook introduced "Chat Heads" features that integrate Facebook messaging and SMS to almost all Android phones with an updated Facebook Messenger app.

Facebook has a new innovative feature with ‘Facebook Home’ for Android phones. That feature is called “Chat Heads”. It allows a small circular icon indicating the person who has messaged you on Facebook. The innovative part was working it with SMS text messaging on the phone.

Now the problem with Facebook Home is it works only with limited phones and only for the US. Though you can get Facebook Home unofficially.

Facebook also has messenger app for Android which worked as a chat app. Now the “Chat Heads” feature is introduced with a new update of the app. It works great and seems to be the best way to keep track of text messages too.

Chat Heads Android Messenger

“Chat Heads” a challenge to WhatsApp?

Facebook was reportedly trying to acquire “Whatsapp” the popular messaging app. This would have given Facebook access to our text messages to an extent. The deal probably did not go through or the news was just a rumor. With “Chat Heads” feature, Facebook does something similar to Whatsapp, though it cannot be used as a alternative to SMS. But if now does have access to our SMS and can build ahead from there.

Try out the newly updated Facebook Messenger for Android and drop in your comments.

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Christopher J May 5, 2013

Chat heads are awesome feature added to FB Android App! 🙂