Feedburner has a new layout with more realtime results!

Feedburner has a new user interface and it shows stats which are more real-time. It also shows traffic from different sources like Twitter.

Feedburner has a new layout. If you log into your Feedburner account you will see an option that reads “Try out New Beta version”. Click on it and you are on the new Feedburner UI.

The first thing that struck me was that the information being shown about the feeds was a lot more. Also with the new interface there is more emphasis on the messaging system which makes it a lot easier to keep track of issues with your blog’s Feed.

The User Interface seems a lot faster and cleaner. It shows a lot of data which is almost real-time. Like in the old user interface I could check feeds for every day. With the new interface I can actually check the stats with time-line of every two hours.

I can also check for traffic from sources such at Twitter and other social networks.

I am not sure how important would tracking real-time stats on Feedburner would be. It might help schedule posts more efficiently. 😉