Find local info on Twitter without using trending topics

I came across this very interesting website which allows you to search for information from a particular location about a particular word. It is a lot different because it does not rely on trending topics. It is created by Brian Cray and has a great interface and uses Google Maps to show location based contextual tweets from around the world.


  • Considering the number of Tweets that get published on Twitter’s public time-line there is hardly a way to keep track. Following people is fine but in most cases when it comes to searching for something you need to look up trending topics.
  • But a lot of people do not trend a topic and many who do are actually more interested in branding their tweet rather than giving out something important. NearbyTweets looks up and searches for words included in a tweet sent from a particular location which you can put in.
  • Below is a screen shot of the Tweets I could gather with NearbyTweets by searching inthe location “Pune” for tweets on “Web 2.0“. I searched within Pune as this is the city where our office is located.


In India we are not very proficient tweeting about local issues but I think it will soon catch on. This would be a great way to search for recommended movies to watch playing in a particular town or city. It also can be a great way to search for Twitter users with similar interests in the same city you are living in.

Go ahead and try out NearbyTweets and let me know what you think about it through your comments.

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Suhasini February 13, 2010

I was waiting for local trends to come officialy in India by Twitter but this is something good.