Find RSS Feeds of your Interest using SuggestRSS!

rss-icon3(2) Recently I was pondering around the web about getting some interesting RSS Feeds that I can subscribe to as I had more time to spend, reading RSS Feeds these days. ;) But what should I search for? As I am a tech geek, almost 80% of my subscribed feeds are related to tech stuff and includes feeds of almost all the popular tech blogs and websites. So I was thinking and thinking about what to look for and what to search for?

Guess what? Google solved my problem. I landed into an interesting post at Digital Inspiration that described on how you can Get RSS Feed Suggestions Based on your Existing Subscriptions. The post really helped me figure out some important and good tech blogs that I missed out to subscribe, and this is why I considered writing about it here.

You just need to visit SuggestRSS, upload your existing OPML file into it and within seconds a cool list of sites would be generated that you can subscribe to. The suggestions that SuggestRSS generates is based on your OPML file so, the suggestions that you would get will be based on your interest. This site helped me in getting some more readable posts of my interest and hope this would be helpful for you guys too. Do share you experience you had using SuggestRSS 🙂

Link: SuggestRSS

[Via Labnol]


Gautam February 1, 2009

Please correct the spell error in the first line.
It should be wondering.

Simran February 2, 2009

Its a nice service. I was looking for something like this 🙂

Deepak Jain February 2, 2009

Buddy thanks for pointing out. But I don’t think its a spelling error. For the entry ‘Pondering’, Long Man dictionary defines “Deeply or seriously thoughtful”.

Thanks for your appreciation 🙂