Firefox and Chrome eats into Internet Explorer’s share

I looked up some of the latest Browser Market Share results on the net and saw some interesting results. The market share of Internet Explorer dropped from 67.68% to 66.97%. Thats a loss of 0.72% of its consumer base.

Firefox was at 22.47% in July has gone up to 22.98% which translates to a growth of 0.51% of its consumer base. Safari stayed stable at 4.71% for both months where as Chrome went from 2.59% in July upwards to 2.84% in August. This gives Chrome a growth of 0.25%.

The 123 of the Fight:

  1. The fight seems to be heating up now. Internet Explorer losing 0.72% and Firefox and Chrome combined gaining 0.76% seems like users are moving away from Internet Explorer quite fast.
  2. The Internet Explorer has also had a lot of negative publicity since early this year and hence has hits its user base.
  3. Chrome Browser seems to be gaining ground against Safari but Safari being stable both months at 4.71% it seems the even Chrome is gaining customers who are moving away from Internet Explorer.

Latest Versions

  • IE 8 is the latest version from Internet Explorer and it was released in March 2009. Not known further updates have been announced as yet.
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.5 was released in July 2009. It has planned for a upgrade to Firefox 3.6 beta version by October and a final version by November.
  • Google Chrome 2.0 .172.43 is the latest stable version that is out there. New updated version has still not been really announced.

August 09


July 09


Links: Internet Explorer | Firefox | Google Chrome | Market Share


Arundhati September 4, 2009

Firefox is more user friendly!

Aditya Kane September 11, 2009

I agree.