Party and get Windows 7 Ultimate for Free

As we all know Windows 7 will be launched 22nd October. There are lots of promotional package to make this launch successful. Here we got a special promo where you are able to get the windows 7 ultimate by just hosting a Windows 7 launch party. It sounds crazy?

Window 7 Ultimate free

All you need to do is organize Windows 7 launch party with your family or friends between 22nd October to October 29 and share   your party. If you are selected as a lucky winner you will get the the Windows 7 Ultimate with signature edition and also chance to win PC valued at $750.

This promo is just available in selected country but good news is that people from India can also join.

So what you are looking for, get in and party to win the Windows 7 Ultimate.

Link:Join  to Get Windows 7


Vivek September 3, 2009

crazy but a novel and youthful way of promotion…

Aditya Kane September 3, 2009

I agree its crazy but might work. Might also be a way to brand Windows 7 for younger generation …