Firefox Prism: Make your webpage into a application

Prism_firefox1A very neat add-on is available at Firefox Labs.

It is called Prism and it can convert webpages into Windows Application by using Firefox Browser.

How to use Prism?

The Prism Add-on can be installed on Firefox by visiting the Mozilla Labs page. You can either download it as a Firefox Add-on or a standalone application.

Once the installation of the add-on is complete visit the website you want to convert into an application with Firefox. Then click on ‘Tools’ and select ‘Convert Website to Application’ as shown in the image below.


The application can have shortcuts on the Desktop, Start Menu and Quick Launch Bar.

Features of Firefox Prism

  • Prism is very handy if you want to check your mail or updates on a website but have too many tabs open in the browser. This way you can access your email directly from the system taskbar or dock.
  • It is possible for associating browser links with this application. Usually on clicking a ‘mailto:’ link, the browser looks for Outlook Express or any other Email Client by default. This way you can choose to have a web based Gmail application running on the desktop to open every time you click on a ‘mailto:’ link.
  • You can customize the application to give pop-up alerts. For instance when you get a new mail, you can set it to notify you with a pop-up alert.
  • You can also set the application to run every time you start your computer.
  • Finally the best feature which I like is that you can just minimize the application back into the tray. A single click and you are back on the website. 🙂

Link: Firefox Prism