Flipkart fights Amazon with Flipkart First – Free shipping and more

Flipkart is launching a new service named Flipkart First to fight Amazon. Flipkart First is similar to Amazon Prime and offers free and quick deliveries.

Flipkart is launching Flipkart First – a premium annual subscription service. It offers services like free, quick deliveries, 60 day replacement guarantee and more.

This is the first of this kind in the history of Indian e-commerce. If you are an user of Amazon, you will notice that this is exactly like Amazon Prime – a premium subscription service offered by Amazon. It offers free two day delivery service, unlimited video streaming and free access to Kindle books.


Getting back to Flipkart First, Flipkart is yet to launch this product. A dedicated web page has already been setup for Flipkart First. There are no in depth details on when this service is launching and how much this service will cost.

Features of Flipkart First

Flipkart First is offering 5 features for now. More will be coming soon.

Flipkart First users get Free delivery on no minimum purchase, free In-a-day delivery, discounted price on Same-day delivery, 60 day replacement guarantee and higher prioritized customer support.

Similar to quick deliveries, Flipkart is limiting this service to products sold by WS Retail for now. There are no reports on whether Flipkart will bring this service to products sold by other sellers.

To get more details on Flipkart First, enter your email ID at the Flipkart First web page. You will be added to the mail list and notified when Flipkart First launches.

As an introductory offer, Flipkart is picking 75,000 users and offering 3 month free Flipkart First subscription service.

What do you think about this new service by Flipkart? Do you think you will use this? Do tell us.

Link: Flipkart First


Harpal Singh May 17, 2014

Flipkart is older than Amazon India, so OLD is Gold. Amazon India has nice product list but Flipkart has much more that. NICE STEP BY FLIPKART & nice info.

Arun Sathiya May 21, 2014

Ha ha, I love Flipkart too because it’s been in the Indian eCommerce field before Amazon India came. But, Amazon India offering products at a cheaper rates is forcing me to quit Flipkart. Which one do you like when it comes to price tag, Harpal?