Follow everything Google does on Twitter

Twitter has changed how we gather information and news. If there is an earthquake somewhere, we try and get the latest on Twitter. Most internet companies put out what is new with their services on Twitter.

Google is no different and it often blogs about something new that is it doing on its various domains and internet services. So the best way to follow Google and the mischief it is up to will be by following all its Twitter profiles.

Google has a landing page which lists all their Twitter account. All these Twitter profile accounts are neatly organized under Company Wide, Products and services, Geo, Developers, Countries and Regions, Advertisers and Marketers and Online Publishers.

If you are looking to stay upto date about everything Google does, do look up their Google Press page for Twitter.

I have always wondered why Google does not just buy Twitter as now we know Google loves Twitter so much. Do drop in your comments with your views and opinions.


Sagar Gholap May 12, 2010

Good list! I wasn’t knowing of this page. I am now following many services I didn’t ever knew were on Twitter.

Puneet May 12, 2010

I am already following Google