Chat with your Facebook friends from your desktop with ChitChat

Facebook is best way to be in touch with your friends and family. It is getting better and better day by day with lots of applications, privacy settings and fun but the only problem which I face while accessing Facebook is to use it’s in-built chat.

I don’t prefer to use in-built chat in Facebook instead I prefer to use Chitchat which is a chat client for desktop. This desktop client is especially for Facebook chat. It’s simple and similar like other chat clients. You can easily chat with many friends with the help of tabbed window. It also shows the notifications in the tray when your friends are signed-in or signed-out.



The layout of Chitchat is very simple and yet there are no options to change the background colors  for users but yet useful and fun to use. I loved the cute emotions of Chitchat, they are attractive and animated. The best part is that it has nothing to do with Web browser , its independent thus no need to keep your browser open for Facebook chat.

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Chitchat is freeware and easy to download. It can be installed in just few seconds. You can install Chitchat for Facebook from its official website. For me, It’s is good to chat with desktop clients rather than using Facebook in-built chat.

Do share with us, what you prefer to use for chatting with your Facebook friends?


Abhisek May 11, 2010

No offense but Pidgin FTW.

Ruchi May 31, 2010

Thanks Abhishek for suggesting Pidgin.