FotoBounce: Download Facebook Albums onto PC

I had loaded up the photos on my Facebook Account  from my Computer but when my hard-disk crashed and I lost data I had not bothered to take a backup of my albums on facebook. The prospect of downloading each and every photo looked very tedious and boring. So I did not bother. But here is a interesting application I came across on a article online which allows us to do just that. It allows us to download Facebook albums on to our computer.


  • First download and install FotoBounce on your computer. It is a 15.2 MB file. Download Link. FotoBounce is available for only Windows users.
  • Start PhotoBounce and the first screen shows up. Click on Facebook albums as show in red circle. Next is the prompt for details on a Facebook Login Screen.


  • Once you enter the correct Username and Password FotoBounce automatically allows you to select the albums or the photos on Facbook and download them onto your computer


  • Its a pretty simple interface and you can download the Albums to the a folder you prefer on the desktop or even burn a DVD of you albums on Facebook or Flickr.
  • Another great idea is you can also upload an album from your destop onto your Facebook Account.
  • FotoBouce also has something in common with Google’s Picassa because it allows you to tag the photos and these tags exists even after you upload them on Facebook.
  • Another cool feature is once you sign into Facebook with FotoBouce you can also view all your friends and their albums from your desktop.

So check out FotoBounce and tell me what do you think about it?

Link: FotoBounce


sauravjit September 4, 2009

Cool software, very useful for some people 😉