Extra Battery Life with Windows 7

Microsoft and Intel had been working to improve functions such as Virtualization and Power Management for Windows 7. Recently Microsoft and Intel organized an event in San Francisco, Wintel claimed that upcoming processors, and Windows 7‘s improved power management will provide longer battery life, and better performance in certain programs.

Microsoft showed a demo with two identical laptops playing the same DVD, with the Windows 7-equipped notebook getting 20 percent better battery life than one running Windows Vista. According to them in general one can get 10-20% of extra battery.

There was another demo in which Microsoft and Intel showed a reference system that can boot up in 11 seconds. Sounds Amazing… But booting would vary for users to users depending upon programs installed, and maintenance.

The improvement comes from “timer coalescing”, which lets one processor core sleep as long as possible if it is not in use. Another factor is “Windows 7 Display Dimming Algorithms” .

So, Gear Up for launch of Windows 7 on 22nd October.

[Editor’s Note: This post is submitted by our guest blogger Gaurav Agrawal. He writes about technology at gauravshome

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