Free Airtel GPRS Trick is Back!

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In NUTSHELL you have to do only 3 things

  1. Enter your cel no. into USER NAME/NO. Field (If it is blank)
  2. Change access point / APN to or
  3. Configuring your application for following proxy setting…

If u r using IP Addr : Port no. 8080


If u r using IP Addr : Port No. 8799

That all about settings!

More proxy settings can be found in comments. Specially check comments by Dharmubaba & Nadeem.

Related: If you want to access free AiretlGPRS on phone only, use TeasShark [NOTE: Not all proxy will work for all. Also proxies are location-specific so a proxy working at my place may not work at yours. I know it means checking so many proxies but there is no shortcut for FREE!]


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Hey Rahul!
Who said it to you that Airtel Live is not free. I still can access it from my mob phone. I tried it just. Though I dont use free Airtel GPRS, I like to try it sometimes. Specially on Linux, where I dont get any such messages like “access denied”.

And to tell you the fact this type of gprs hacking is also applicable for Hutch, also some mobile companies in UK, like vodaphone. Google out if you want to confirm.

hey guys iam using sony ericsson Z530i.iam curenly using airtel sim.i also have a hutch sim.cany any one help me to get the settings for accessing free internet service in pc.plz send me the settings to [email protected]

hello frinds i am agree with rahul ., airtel people have blocked our access.,

but i am trying to find some diferent solution., i mean some different proxy server.,

i will post here., as i find one.

yup it’s true that airtel peeps have blocked airtel gprs.

now one can’t use hacked airtel gprs.Everytime i try to use airtel gprs on pc browsers says access denied and on phone too opera mini isn;t working for me.

It used to work few months ago, but now i think airtel is no longer free.

Wel guys finally til now I havent found any working trick for free airtel or hutch GPRS!
Please post it here if u hv some working trick! Specially sharad I am waiting for ur post! ๐Ÿ™‚

Dear Friends
I have been using Nokia Gallery on my N6600 and it is still being able to download stuff, view news etc. from net. This is special because it is only other software working beside AirTel Live! and still able to download something.

Why don’t some mastermind work on this line !!! Well Best of Luck


Thanks for your useful comment!
I am aware of Nokia Gallery
Lets check out how it can help us!
By d way I am unavailable for any kinda work due to my exams (til 22nd may) ๐Ÿ™

Hey buddy Free gprs starts again with a new trick!! Really completely new trick to bypass airtel live data counter to make gprs free,,, I saw a new forum [Admin EDIT: Link suppressed] on which this trick is posted .. So try out to
use airtel free gprs again



Who said that free gprsdsnt exist??
Check there again m in experienced members of [Admin EDIT: Link suppressed] n admin let me in to that secret forum… So m using it n it working for me but this trick wrks only in p.c. So always be sure b4 posting negetive,,,,


First thing why are you giving link which is locked for me and many others????
Second let us know the trick… we will test it and let you know our result! ๐Ÿ™‚

N I can’t post positive because other will ask ME for proof which I won’t be able to give. So unless and until I have proof I can’t say its working….

pls mail me new tricks
as u find…
im also hunting for new tricks
all the best!!!! for those who are searching for..

First Sorry for late reply as I went offline for Xmas vacations! ๐Ÿ™

Yep. I will inform you whenever new tricks comes out but you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. That way you will be notified automatically! ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for visiting! wishin you merry xmas and a very happy new year!
-Rahul ๐Ÿ™‚


bhaiyo agar tum free gprs karna chahte ho to google pe mobile web par kuch bhi kar sakte ho bas images off karni padegi.

i have proxy address for free gprs but 1st i want bsnl free gprs setting but jo work kar ti ho plz than m aap ko airtel ki proxy send kar do ga .

hmmm.. rahul.. y do u encourage tht site by Secacy…

putting here.. lettin us to go n chek al these…

so if u checked it n found no trik ,,, plz remove those links dude..

else users getting fooled ๐Ÿ™

ll register into tht site after ur confirmation

Keep airtel settings with you only! ๐Ÿ˜€
I am sure its not wotkin… ๐Ÿ˜‰

I will remove that sites name as they never responded! ๐Ÿ™
Anyway thanks for nice suggestion… ๐Ÿ™‚

@suhai & Nadeem
First sorry for late reply as I was offline on a long vacation.

Now coming back to the topic, I do not have any working trick as of now… ๐Ÿ™

But if I find one in future, I will surely post it on this blog. You may subscribe to my RSS feed or email alert to receive automatic updates regarding this and other hacks in future! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hi, guys…i m nadeem frm kashmir…nd i m using free airtel gprs frm 4 months…bt i cnt run it on pc…hv u ny trick frm which i can run net on pc via mobile….plz mail me dat trick…

Hi everyone

I m not able to access free internet on my mobile through teashark midp2 browser .

Airtel has blocked socket connection from 4th may 2008 which teashark uses . is there any way to get free gprs now.

Hi friends, now there is no free GPRS trick working. airtel charge 0.30 P. per 30KB I have lost 520 Rs. Balance. I have try all trick given on internet


hey man i want to surfing from my pc through my vodafone sim card for free.
i have nokia n72 .
so if u find any trick than plz send me.
my id is [email protected]
i am from ahmedabad,gujarat.


just change proxy to and port 8080
and change access point to
100% working free.

Hey Rahul I have tried to change my proxy to & access point to airtel and i was able to get free internet on my mobile but when i connected to Pc it shows access denied
Plz give me a way through which i can access internet on my PC .

free gprs on pc…download proxifier frm… install it on ua on option->proxy setting->add..then a box vl appear…in server adress write and in port protocol choose https..and use ok..a dialog box vl no..nw proxifier is ready..minimise it..conct ua mobile with IR,BT,or data cable.. nw create a dial up no. *99***1# or *99# enjoy free gprs on pc.. FREE GPRS ON MOBILE…(new2008) acces point name=airtel proxy address= port=8080 when u vl get conected u vl b askd username and pasword in username type ur mobile number(for e.g..9906123456) in pasword type last six digits of ur number(e.g 123456) ENJOY i m a hacker frm the city of of beautiful short i m frm kashmir… bye o

how to hack whole airtel live home page..

here is the trick

open airtel live homepage..and select wt eva u wnt to download viz mp3,wallpaper,videos,games etc..
for example if u wnt to download a on that wallpaper..when download detail page open…there would be writen DOWNLOAD AT add bookmark that page …and then edit the bookmark there would be writen id=154324 (or something else) change that id to=1499769..and save the open the bookmark and there would b writen DOWNLOAD AT RS 0..

enjoy and download as much as u can at rs 0

my tricks r 100% working

some new airtel free proxies
(working in some states)Balance shud be greater than 10rs.


im not sure of apn so try both probable) and

i am using nokia n73 i have downloaded teashark and installed it in mobile when i am using it it is not working , i used access point airtel live but it is not opening.and i am using airtel postpaid connection i have not activated gprs, if i have activated gprs means it will charge per day,then what should i do,how i can use it for free plz help me………

@ nadeem
bro i tried it, bt it doesnt wrk… evn teashark shws failed 2 connect… howevr ur airtel live trick works perfectly… cud u do sumthng… ne more suggestions???


teashark has been blocked by vl nt wrk nw in kashmir..nd i m using free airtel gprs frm 5 mnths frm the above seting which i hv postd..

rawalpora… bro bt it seriously doesnt work… proxy ip ad- port-8080 nd homepage… it shws packet data connection nt available… nw wat shud i do???

You need to activate Airtel Live First which is FREE.
Call customer care (121) to do so.
Once its activated, start TeaShark and select access point Airtel-Live when asked.
You don’t need mobile office active to use GPRS using TeaShark trick.

Next, I am aware of cumbersome initialization part, but its compulsory.
And please next time post comment on teashark trick topic. ๐Ÿ™‚

@dharmubaba & nadeem
Thanks for helping out other readers… ๐Ÿ™‚

Bro first check if GPRS is available in your area?
Actually last time I went to Jammu, as I remember GPRS was blocked for security reason there.

@ rahul
bro gprs is surely workin… coz dats wat m using rite nw… bt its nt free… i ws using free gprs 2 3 months b4… bt thn dat proxy stopped working… cud u help me wid sum proxy settings dat wud work…

I personally tested proxies from above comments and found some of them to be working… ๐Ÿ™‚

read the above post and comments… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Don’t cry before you test each and every proxy… ๐Ÿ˜›

first of all use UCWeb instead of teashark. ucweb is another gr8 option as teashark webservers may get prob due to too many airtel users. u can get ucweb frm

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Airtel Directory hack

Airtel free mms setting
PORT: 8080
Access point:

Free SMS AirTel Send Only Change Service Center Number.

Airtel Friends!
Want to get free live cricket scores?
Send sms ckt to 8558
100% Working in Tamilnadu

Free Cricket Score, jokes, news, etc on airtel
send 0 to 54321 from your airtel no. It’s totally free.

Free airtel missed call alert dail *62*+919894035100#.
Free job alert dail *321*66#

for free hello tune on airtel new customers just dail
For one month only

Free Dwnld
Unlmtd Hollywood Image video theme etc

These were taken frm various sources. I havent checked them so dont blame me if dosent works. Hope u like it.

this all are not workin in rajasthan sorry buddy
i used all this proxies i tried one a month ago it works but the site does not take username and password
or some site cant open saying parsing error i use mozilla ,opera ,IE7 mostly work on mozilla.

Pls donot comment without veryfying. If u dont know hot to set proxy settings and use web browser then sorry to say. It wont work.
For rajasthan atleast these settings are working everywhere i know, even in delhi it works
port: 8080
access poit or apn:
Homepage: (if u put it wont work)
Use only web browser and delete other configurations(access point) u r having.u must be confused.
So think bfor u reply

i already checked it but no full fleged INternet for pc working and i can use it on PC but the main problem is that
i can open orkut hotmail and other website but when ever i want to login in it it says xml parsing error or something else so ,if u resolve this issue i will really greatfull to u ,

ok thanks dharmubaba

hey gys can u tel me how can i conncet my pc to net by airtel service provider…m from rajasthan

hey guys can any one can tell me proxy address working in madhya pradesh.coz do not work here.also works with and access is denied while using

Amrish proxy settings need to be changed on handset under aceess point or any similiar menu.
It looks like you are trying these settings on PC. :p

@neha & shikha
Check above comments for settings in your zone. You may have to try all settings manually. ๐Ÿ™

Its different trick. Check this post and let me know if it solves ur prob.

All site you named require secure protocol. This may be creating problem.
You may use their mobile counterpart. Like for orkut.
Sorry to hear that… ๐Ÿ™
I am out of options now… sorry… :-(But its working here… ๐Ÿ˜‰

can u give any settings for kerala ……….

the settings posted here are not working ………

Hey, i live in maharashtra & i cant acess free airtel gprs
I can browse web through teashark,but i wnt 2 download content.
No proxy set. U mention above work wit me, ny other set. Did u hve

Free SMS AirTel Send Only Change Service Center Number.

this no is paid…..not free

(in Kerala)

Teashark not working…(initialisation)
UCWeb not working….(initialisation)

Free Airtel Live Download Worked, but on July 5, they BLOCKED it.

I have almost tried most of the cracks… and will continue. As i know, Airtel has been hacked in India much more than others…. Now there is free Idea GPRS… (using mms settings.. but too slow)

hi guys, I have used free airtel gprs for one month on PC.i have a mahrashtra airtel sim, minimum balance as per airtel is 14.99 to use the airtel gprs, i hav used it at 12.19rs. first i sent a GPRSACT msg to 511 then, i noted the time wen confirmation msg came to me for aactivation, they deducted sum amout, i used the internet, i downloaded many things, no extra charge, then juz 3-4 hrs before 24hrs of activation, i sent a GPRSDEACT msg to 511.i did this thing many times, one day wen i was deactivating, they never sent any deactivation msg, then i use it daily for FREE, then one day i called sumone my balance got less than 10, the internet stopped. i recharged by 20.i activated gprs again, suddenly they deducted sum amount, my bal was 12.19. after that it was juz FREE airtel internet, i dint rechared my sim, neither i call anyone,or msg anyone, i kept that much amount as it is…but again sumone called from my fone and it again stopped.

this rili happened with me….it was a luck…but still there is a way..thru this..i m trying it again..
ill say try to irritate the airtel server..atleast u cud use airtel gprs free with activating and deactivating within 24 hrs…ill post if i succeed.

that thing work on pc for a month…i never used it on mobile…at that time i was using sony ericsson w200i.

about the i have sony ericsson w550i. i use opera mini…opens evrything..juz everything, as sites open in pc…no settings i did at all…

can any one plz tell me a good free sms trick, or any working msg gateway no.!
or any good free call trick!
plz mail it to me on [email protected]
and i promise to tell u full free internet trik[for airtel users]and it really works!!!!!

I use tea shark to browse net.. Works at tamilnadu and there any way to download from net freely through airtel live?

Hey i have tried all proxies availble on the site, each time i try to connect it shows me connecting but after some time insted of showing web page it show mw “web Connection time out” and blank screen. I deleted all acces point from my moblile except Free one.

I used tea shark but it is not upto the mark.

I m using N73 and i m from MAHARASTRA. please help me to use the internet over phone as it is i dont want to use net on PC.

hey frnd i want airte free gprs trick ac i uses motorola l6i ad i m4m gujarat so plz help 4 me.

please tell me how can i connect to yahoo messenger with free airtel gprs it does not connect with Yahoo messenger and yahelite even i tried proxy settings for thease IM
so please kindly provide me the solution pls pls pls

Hi rahul bhai,i m from Nagpur.i used ur free(?)airtel GPRS trick on my Nokia N-Gage QD and lost my bal.wen i reached at 0 bal (no minus,i mean it does not work at minus balance)i cud browse abt 90%but i got some errors such as ‘you are not authorised to veiw this service’,’page not found’,’no gateway reply’etc..wen i recharged my mob.and opened google and any site from web i deducted with 5/-every trial.this mean i can browse without bal.using this trik but wen i will recharge,will hav to loose my money.plz rahul bhai tell me such trick.. ke saap bhi mar jaaye aur lathi bhi na tute.

friends i am using the internet through VERGIN it is totaly free in delhi and not any hidden costs.

hey can any one help me to acess free internet on my mobile in maharashtra with airtel i have not yet use internet on my mobile is there need to send any message for activiting gprs and then change in the setting after activation of gprs

Hey Sachin,first u send an sms as’LIVEACT’ to ‘511’. airtel live service will activate within 4 hrs on your mobile then send an sms as’LIVE’ to ‘2567’you will get airtel live settings,save all in your mobile.Its all free.Then go to your web settings and use the free gprs trick which rahul has posted here.Enjoy free internet! You read all comments here will find some more hack for free internet.

hey i have tried all proxy above written n i used teashark on my nokia n72 its conecting and afterthat it shows connecting till 5 minute but after that dont response anything help me guys .. i lives in haryana plz if u have any proxy for haryana for free airtel gprs or any software
plz tell me. i m using n72…. help rahull yaar

hey pankaj wats the free gprs settings of idea is and wats the speed of it??? and tell me if u have any trick for airtel free gprs in haryana… i m using n72 …. help yaar

hey i m a airtel user frm rajasthan plz tel me a proxy setting so that i can use free internet

i hav a sagem my101X phone which came with hutch sim
i cnt use any other sim in tht phone its say sim locked can u giv me a code to break the sim lock

hi friends i m from rajasthan. im use proxy:
apn :
it is blocked before 2 days.
plz tell me any proxy which work on both mobile&pc.
plz help me.

hey guys.
i m himanshu frm jaipur.
i was using proxy : & port : 8080
it was workin perfectly but since last two days it is showin “NO SERVER ACCESS”.

in case u people find any new proxy please tell me.

do u have any trick that may wok 4 both my mobile and pc.
if yes tell me

hi guyz dis is faheem.i wana get new seetings of free airtel gprs n especially meet nadeem. . . plz nadeem mail me at [email protected] me is also a resident of kashmir.
so plzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me out !

Himanshu sab tere karan hua hai mai itne salo se use kar raha tha tune airtel ko bataya hoga ye ip aur port yaha rajasthan me ek do din pahle hi ye ip aur sath wali bahut si ip ko block kar diya hai

crying ….
cont ..until it work

I am from J&K Jammu

IP Addr :
Port No. 8799

I had tried the above address but it displays no page found neither

IP Addr :
Port No. 8080
is working. What I will do

bhaiyo airtel ne wali rajasthan ki setting band kar di hai yaha sankat khada ho gaya hai is musibat ki gadi main madad ko betab hu agar koi setting ho to bina sankhoch merr e mail [email protected] per bhej deve main apki madad ko hamesha tatpar rahungha isliye thoda sa kasht kar deve

frnds plz email setting of free gprs on airtel.Can i use same setting on hutch???????
plz replyyyyy…

hi all frenzโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆ..
im 4m rajasthan n a airtel prepaid customer. this proxy is not working in rajasthan. pliz tell me any other proxy plizโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆ.

Hi Friends,

I am able to use free internet on my mobile phone by using TEASHARK BROWSER, but kindly do tell me how to connect to internet and surf in PC. When I tried connecting to PC it showed a message on phone SUBSCRIBE TO PACKET DATA.

Kindly provide me full details of how to access free gprs through PC.



[email protected]

Hellow !!!!
I am using maharashtra airtel sim into mumbai
can u please send me the free sms trick’s
and about free airtel-live / airtel-gprs setting
I m using Nokia 6600 Handset



Please any Genious HELP me ?

Im from rajasthan n a airtel prepaid customer. this proxy is not working in rajasthan. pliz tell me any other proxy ..

umm no ip working in jaipur
please tell me a working ip please if you ppl can
some body may have reported thease ip posted here and they
banned it

please send me some working ips
my mail id is
[email protected]

One IP:
PORT: 8080
When u use these setting and open any page redirects to TOMCAT APACHE SERVER Page.
Can Anyone Logim And Break The SERVER>>
IS There a Genius??????????????????

hi friends plz sent me airtel free gprs trick..i m using n73….of himachal and punjab….proxy system will nt work..

I m using motorola w220 phone and airtel connection please tell me tricks to access wapsites free from my phone and also download free contents on my phone

Dharmubaba & Nadeem.
Plz. tell me about free ailtel gprs in U.P.
&/or settings for free gprs on airtel and/or bsnl….

Plz…………… Guys help me out!!!!!!!!!

Hello frends..
I really require settings for using Airtelgprs in Madhya Pradesh.. i will b very thankful if u give me.

hi guys.the tea shark is working but not all phones.i have one 3230,6600 and motorola v6 maxx(not launched in india).when i install tea shark on moto v6 maxx its just got initialize on my first click and was started on within another second.but i have installed tea shark more than 30 times on my 6600 and 3230 but its not getting i conclude that majiority these trick works in java base phones than symbian smart phones.moreover in my freind the trick is only working on java phones………

Please any Genious HELP me ?

Im from rajasthan n a airtel prepaid customer
lockd this proxy is not working pliz tell me any other proxy ..


koi mai ka lal nahi hai jo airtel ki free setting bata de free gprs ka
ye sab ip airtel ne thori deno pahle hi block kar de hai

Hi brothers and sisters,

I am using n70 and i am browsing free by teashark.. It wont work on 40 series nokia phones, 6600,7610.. It is seen working in most of other brands.. If any body got any new server for free browsing on airtel or idea please mail me cyborgvjec{at}gmail{dot}com..
Thanks u all!

hi guys, I have used free airtel gprs for 3 month on PC.i have a mahrashtra airtel sim, minimum balance as per airtel is 14.99 to use the airtel gprs, i hav used it at 12rs. first i sent a GPRSACT msg to 511 then, i noted the time wen confirmation msg came to me for aactivation, they deducted sum amout, i used the internet, i downloaded many things, no extra charge, then juz 3-4 hrs before 24hrs of activation, i sent a GPRSDEACT msg to 511.i did this thing many times, one day wen i was deactivating, they never sent any deactivation msg, then i use it daily for FREE, then one day i called sumone my balance got less than 10, the internet stopped. i recharged by 20.i activated gprs again, suddenly they deducted sum amount, my bal was 12. after that it was juz FREE airtel internet, i dint rechared my sim, neither i call anyone,or msg anyone, i kept that much amount as it isโ€ฆbut again sumone called from my fone and it again stopped.

this rili happened with meโ€ฆ.it was a luckโ€ฆbut still there is a way..thru this..i m trying it again..
ill say try to irritate the airtel server..atleast u cud use airtel gprs free with activating and deactivating within 24 hrsโ€ฆill post if i succeed
it is really working
if u have any problem contact on my mail iD
[email protected]

Nadeem Bro i m from kashmir, any trick 4 free gprs.
i am using n 7610. opera, ucweb, teashark r nt workin’

jatin u lier its not workin here in rajasthan
it showing up shit connection not available
abe full g Symbol into box

these damn airtel i think also search on this website

Hey jatin. pls check the ip again and verify since an ip address cant end with 645(cant be more than 254).it must be 64 or 65 or 165.
Pls chek and tell us soon.

I m from jodhpur, i m using setting and now its not work. If u have any other setting send to my mail. Thanks in advance.
try working in al states.
port 8799

jatin g ye setting chal nahi rahi h sayd aapne galt
likh di hogi ak bar chek kre

plz help meeeeeeee
The nokia 6230i phone
the AIRTEL GPRS cracking Steps in my phoneee plzzzzzzzz

hi iam from tamilnadu.
can anyone give me the airtel live settings(ip add,prxy port,home pg,apn name(

i am from madhya pradesh
i want proxy setting for free internet service
i have M.P. SIM
if any one have setting
plz sent me

jai kumar ji access pt to bata do
yaar…i m waitng……….
yaar mere yaha to proxifier software vali trick kaam karti hai par speed bahut slow aati hai

jai bhai dono proxy kaun se apn k sath work kar rahi hi mms or airtelfun.
n port no. kya ha plz rply soon

plz send me gujarat airtel gprs free settings to use MO free …i have tried but i was not able to success so plz send me details of gujarat airtel free gprs settings and send me settings of pc also if posibble…..i m using my sony ericson p910i mobile…thx for yr knowledge….send me reply soon….

GUJARAT vaali trick nahi chalti hai nadeem bhai . . .
i mean chalti hai par paise kat te hai . . . .
plz giv som oder hack . . . .

i jst found frm a frnd ki we can browse free net on airtel using Teashark browser…Is this true?? can anyone help me wth the setting??


Nadeem and Dharmubaba plz help me I m frm Punjab…
wnt 2 access free Airtel GPRS on pc.
plz give me discription in detail….means how to change proxy or so………….and frankly tell me
r u guys really enjoing airtel GPRS now……….

Help Dear Brothers
waiting [email protected]

hi guys,

i m from dhule(maharashtra) give me the free setting for using the Intenet on my Computer………….plplz………send me 2 on my E-mail aaddrress……….

FREE gprs, mms, airtel live, more
lets start from free gprs via airtel live
pls note this trick works only on mobile with multi channel support
it was not found by me .

u need a PC or a Laptop and the required connectivity tools ,ie.,
Serial/USB cable OR Infrared Device OR Bluetooth dongl………




1) Activate Airtel Live! (Itโ€™s FREE so no probs)

2) Create 1 Airtel gprs data accounts and select the
FIRST as the active profile.

USERNAME : blank

PASSWORD : blank








INTERNET MODE : HTTP or WAP (both works)



PORT : 8080



3) Connect your mobile to the PC (or Laptop) and install the driver for
your mobile’s modem.

4) Create a new dial-up connection using the NEW CONNECTION
WIZARD as follows

Connecting Device: Your mobile’s modem
ISP Name: Airtel (or anything you like)
Phone Number : *99***1#
Username and Password : blank

5) Configure your browser and download manager to use the proxy and port 8080.( My advice is to use Opera since you
can browse both wap and regular websites)

6) Connect to the dial-up account. You will be connected at 115.2

7) Pick up your mobile and try to access any site. You will get “Access
Denied.”(Except for Airtel Live!). IT DOES NOT MATTER.
Keep the mobile down.

8 ) On the PC ( or Laptop) open your browser, enter any address ,
press ENTER and.WAIT

After a few seconds the page will start to load and you have the
WHOLE internet at your disposal.

Quote: pls Note If u are getting any error wile dialing a dial up connection than go to
Control panel>> Phone and modem>>>select modem and click on its properties >>advanced

and enter the following initialization commands
CODEAT+CGDCONT=1, “IP”,””,””,0,0
and click on ok now connect to gprs it will be connected without any error

to improve the speed
go to run and type
ping -t
and pres enter
and minimize the window it will improve the speed delete…….

I doesnt matter whether u use Nokia 5300 or ne other cell phone!!
Ur fone just must be compatible to GPRS!!!!!!

Now No worriess!!
dis whole Process is given step by step!!!

If you try to establish a Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) dial-up connection, you may receive the following error message:
Error 734: The PPP link control protocol was terminated.
As a result, you cannot establish a dial-up connection.

This issue may occur if either of the following conditions are true: โ€ข Multi-link negotiation is turned on for the single-link connection.

โ€ข The dial-up connection security configuration is incorrectly configured to use the Require secured password setting.

To resolve this issue: 1. Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Network and Dial-up Connections.

NOTE: For Windows Server 2003, click Start, point to Control Panel, and then point to Network Connections.
2. Right-click the appropriate dial-up networking connection, and then click Properties.
3. Click the Networking tab, and then click Settings.
4. Click to clear the Negotiate multi-link for single link connections check box (if it is selected).
5. Click OK, and then click OK.
6. Double-click the connection, and then click Dial. โ€ข If this procedure resolves the issue and you can establish a dial-up connection, you do not have to follow the remaining steps in this article.
โ€ข If this does not resolve the issue and you cannot establish a dial-up connection, go to step 7 to continue to troubleshoot this issue.

7. Right-click the connection, and then click Properties.
8. Click the Security tab.
9. Under Security options, click Allow unsecured password in the Validate my identity as follows box, and then click OK.
10. Double-click the connection, and then click Dial to verify that you can establish a dial-up connection.

how to set the tea shark setting for nokia 7610 mobile.when downloading,authorisation is getting denied.How to download
using tea shark.

Hi Rahul
How use TeaShark Software?
Please say to me
My mobile “Nokia 3110c”
In that mobile GPRS is there.
But on connecting time there saw me mag like
“connect to packet data first”
After that i get GPRS seting from Airtel
But after that i can’t open page
so i set packet data in message setting and in setting i set connection packetdata Airtel
But also i can’t open that page

send me step of TeaShark connection in Airtel

because in BSNL i connect first page of TeaShark
BUT in Airtel i can’t open any one page

send me step of TeaShark connection in Airtel

it necessary that Airtel Live is open
my friend say me that Airtel Level is open
then minimize that page on mobile and than use TeaShark

Teashark not working in motorola c390(initializing error)(in Kerala). Any other trick for PC or mobile….

hi guys, I have been using airtl gprs for free on my pc for 6 days ,but then I use to loose connection every five minutes ,I had to reconnect it again and again ,then came a time when the access was denied. then i agaun made a new packet switch connection but the speed was considerably reduced to 9.6kbps instead of 115kbps which was earlier .Does anybody would like to help me ?

salam bro plz help me access free gprs on airtel pre paid nokia n-71 in kashmir…
lukin frwd to ur reply
tak care n keep up d gud work..

for all having intialisation problems with teashark beta try using teashark alpha .8

it requires no intialisation

directly connects to the net

and u get free gprs on airtel

the catch is being alpha version the text encoding is poorer and it is a bit slower. But it surely connects

tested in nokia n70,7610, moto L7,L9 and razor

I have downloaded alpha after reading your post. I hope it will solve major “initialization” problem. ๐Ÿ™‚

I will update this post soon with answers to some more FAQ! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hi frndz,
i’m using nokia 6630 and i’m frm jabalpur(M.P)
and i need proxies for free GPRS

I tried these ALL:—
try working in al states.
port 8799
airtel is working,8080,






server proxy adres:




Port= 8080

Access Point =

User = none

Password = none

Ask for Password = no

When u get connected u’ll asked for Username & Password. Make the following :-

USERNAME = Ur Mob. No. (Eg- 9903123456)

PASSWORD = Last six digit of ur Mob.No. (Eg-123456)

hi am using nokia 6300 mobile….i’ve downloaded teashark browser but access point hadnt changed to airtel live…its showin mobile office as access point after getting airtel live settings also….can anyone tell the way to cahnge tqat access point as airtel live????mine is nokia 6300….pls findout the soln for this..

teashark alpha does not work! it never connects.i have even tried teashark..but it never initializes! nothing works!

@chathz – ya i did wat u said yar but its not changing…preferred access point is still in moblile office…actually am not getting the option as “airtel live ” in preferred accesspoint….1)mobile office 2)hutch access 3)bsnl internet these are the optioons i’m gettin in pref.access pt….how to get airtel live in preferred access point…i’ve also changed my sim to my frnd mobile that too 6300 only…but after gettin airtel live settings and after activated in all applications also there’s no use yar….no “airtel live” option in pref.access pt….wud u pls find a soln 4 tis???

Hi 2 all.I’ m shabeer from Kerala.i’m using Nokia 3110c and airtel prepaid.i cnt connect with the web using any browsers(teashark(alpha&beta)UCWEB).plzzz rectify this problem.

@ deepak

frnd, i will surely look into this
but I cant get hands to a 6300 now. sorry.

As a final and desperate attempt you can reset the phone and try
do back ups of contact and othr personal data bfore doing so.
post reply

@ deepak
create an acess point in personal configuration with settings of those of airtel live in your area

now you will obtain this acess point in your preferred acess point list

reply if failed

Originally Posted By adamteashark alpha does not work! it never connects.i have even tried teashark..but it never initializes! nothing works!

when i tried teashark….it always said”failed please try again”
when i tried teashark alpha… it just does not connect
i tried the google link…even though i select no images..still my balance gets deducted

yes i have got a valid airtel live connection

i have got a nokia N73 music edition

i don’t know…nothing seems to work for me.

frens anyone can plz tell me wheather it is working in shillong or not ,here airtel gprs working but when i installed this software in nokia 3110c the shark page is not opening..plz anybody help me

@ deepak
sorry yar
I got a 6300 2day looked into your prob. U cant type in an acess point with its proxy settings in personal config.

try this
delete all airtel settings (live and mob office)

restart phone
you ll recieve settings frm airtel live
save and try
tell if solved

I’ve deleted al configurations and got airtel settings yar…but no preffered access pt i’m gettin nothin…its jus empty still….how to add airtel live into preferred access point yar..pls find a soln to solve ris problem….i’ve both teashark and ucweb in my mobile but am nt able to use tis due to tis problem…pls findout and temme yar…..

I have successfully connected with Airtel Live by using the proxy port:8080 on my N70,
but when i m trying to surf, it’s only opens front page of web sites like,,
i can’t open in that sublinks, when i click on this links, it says “You are not authorised to use these servies, Plase contact your operator”,
How can i free from this problem?.. plz send me.. the solution…

first buy a new sim of air tel then say shopkeeper to activate ur sim after activation active mo onur phone by sms then use mo for free it really work for me.

am using tea shark 4rm n73.But in many sites it pays 35ps- 7 rs for 40kb like that . what may be the reason .Pls help me

@chathz – hey dude i’ve downloaded it yar…pls tel how to send tat zip file as a msg to my fone yar……pls tel tat how to send lyk tat….thanx for finding a source 4 tis problem….tel tis dude

@ deepak

you need to unzip first on your system
then select the appropriate (.prov) file based on your area proxy. you can find it easily by checking airtel site or on any your friends symbian mobile ( or any other model)

If you have bluetooth then easily use the transfer function. send only the selected prov file not zip

If you use cable then transfer to some folder to any friends mobile and send back to your phone via bluetooth

think this solves ur prob
check if neccessary

hi i am using airtel live con i convert to airtel mobile office for no cost
please send me the trick

im a airtel user in kerala, i just checked with the default ip : on which im normally using the airtel live via web browser but its not getting connected with teashark, i saw lot of ips in the post, just help on which would be better for the kerala users.

pls pls airtel ki gprs wali setting ko bata do ye upar wali jo hai nahi chal rahi hai dono ip block kar diya airtel ne tum nayi wali bata do warna mai airtel ka server hack kar lunga maine kuch info collect kar hai airtel ki wali ip ki

1st they use linux (Red hat)
2nd they use Apache/2.0.46 webserver
3rd they use Apache coyote on port 80

yeh chije abhi tak mile hai mujhe airtel ke ip se aur jald hi wo hack hone ja rahe hai bhagwan se prathna karo ki hum vijaye ho airtel se

hello everyone
air tel free gprs scheme on prepaid will run free for few days after the new connection is bought. thereafter they will charge for surfing. the telephone companies have got great minds running the business, so it is not so easy to crack codes and get free gprs on airtel or anyother service provider unless you have a plan for free gprs i.e postpaid one.
it is all aiming in the dark. one or other may get the right shot. but on the whole. it is not going to be success. it is a good timepass though to try to get free gprs but unless you have hard and advance networking knowledge, it shall be impossible to break the gprs for free.

i want a suggestion for buying a mobile sir is there any windows mobile which comes under the range of Rs 9750 my bro wantss N70 and in jaipur is costs Rs 9750 but i want to give him a windows mobile
is windows mobile is good than N70 or N70 is good than windows mobile please suggest me I am thankfull to you

i’m not able to connect my nokia 5300 to gprs/airtel live,
i’m alredy activated airtel live but getting error called subscribe packet data first.
could u help me.

@Nike – Hi nike, can you help for using free browsing with opera software for sony erricson W200i. I am being charged for browsing. I did not get proper response from airtel custmer care also.

just add this address on ur mobile url nd images should be off nd u can browse on ur mobile but browse only comp. sites not mobile wap sites

i am getting the authentication 115 kbps with any ip address but iam not getting the web page what is the solution for that.. any one help me..

hi all … some of the tricks are working and some are not ..
i am zuhair from kerala ..
and i have used many of the tricks before but now all are not working in kerala ..

teashark , UCweb , , all these was working before .. but now all are not ……

im using motorolla W230 and can i use free airtel gprs or live witout any cost and full access… pls send me the settings to my email address or my no 9731551420

@Arnab – dont trust ok,nothing is free in this world and the guys tring to use any services free is a fool guy…………………………………………………..

i am zuhair from kerala ..and i am using free net in my airtel mobile …
now its t9space .. but don’t use it directly ..
i will give u the code for it .. mail me ..
[email protected]

If you use directly then it will be charged ..
or if u use a google code before it then u will not be charged because google websitese are free to use in airtel ..

@chathz – i m in shillong and tea shark browser i have installed in nokia 3110c but it is working only with the access point mobile office and not with Airtel live ..plz suggest me what to do next

@ sanjeet kumar

teashark was banned earlier in north and nw think it is blocked in south also. the Airtel people have locked acess. Only thing to do is to keep trying

AM USING nikia9500…m usin free gprs frm lst 2yrs bt its wrking only o ma default web browser not in java wrkeon other phones bt not in 9500…ider a prblm in ma phoor in d net settings???nesddg

sir iam using sony ericsson k510i tamil nadu airtel sim pl tell free mobile office trick or send to my mail id thank u

HI can u pls give me the free gpr settings for my sony ericssson k850i.i am using it via tea shark but i am not able to download anything..
please explain me the whole procedure for free download..waiting for your quick reply

hi frnds..
was just going through your posts… can nyone plz.. post settings for free gprs on windows mobile phones (pocket pc)..??

I am able to send and recieve mails, even upload files from my mobile and browse for free using this trick!! ๐Ÿ™‚ but iam not able to download from the websites. please help! ๐Ÿ™

I want to use free GPRS on my smart card, my mobile is sony ericsson t610 and motorola L9.
What should i do?

Help me out!

I am using nokia 5300 mobile. I am using airtel as my network operator. I want free gprs access. I am a denizen of orissa.
Send me setting for free gprs access and give some message center number so by changing it i can send free sms to any other mobile..
Send me to my mail as soon as possible to my mail..
Hope that will work..

I am using nokia 6670!!
The teashark web browser is not at all working.
My screen gets blank and it requires a restart.
Can some one out there can suggest a web browser for my mobile phone to use free GPRS on my phone !!!
And i need some setting for my nokia phone to acess free internet service so as to get connected with friends in my Laptop as well !!!

I want to unsubscribe to star of the month. It is useless and I hate it. I cannot unsubscribe from my mobile phone as there is a problem with the network yet I get these stupid geeky messages. I will stop using Airtel and switch if I have to. I don’t want unsolicited messages. Is someone listening?????????????

Actually i used the above given proxies and was able to connect to internet on mobile but i could not access any site..every time it says “NO GATEWAY REPLY” …..what should i do…??? plzzz help me out….!!!!!!

hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!friend i just wanna know about how we can access my AIRTELGPRS with my laptop for free…………….reply as soon as possible.

Im using W810i .I didnt changed any settings as u sayed but i used teashark but browsing is not free.can u plz tell wat to do

I have teashark software with airtel sim. My mobile is nokia 6500 slide but i cant acess the teashark on my mobile so please help me.
thanking You…..

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