Get complete PC profile along with Diagnostic reports

This software can be really a boon for people who are either are PC troubleshooters or even small to medium sized companies which have many computers with different configuration. I knew a friend who supplies computer inventory with offices and has often had problems with clients who after giving their computers for repair have taken it back with complaints that my friend downgraded their computer hardware. As no written proof of the PC profile exists it can be a bit of a problem for my friend to dispute the clients claims and maybe end up having to lose the client.

The other day I came across a article online about a software which carries out a complete PC profile along with diagnostic reports. Its aptly called “Look In my PC”

About Look in my PC

  • The software does do a inventory of what your computer exactly have. It will look up and store System Vendor Information, BIOS information, Windows Information (Software works only for Windows) and even takes details of the battery status if you are using a laptop.
  • It will get information on DVD drive, Hard Drive, Printers.
  • The software more importantly will show information  BUS Adapter, Video Adapter, Sound Adapter and Network Adapter.
  • This is a great way to back up what your System User information along with many more details. For a complete list of all details it can show as a report click here.

I think this software is a great way to have information about your computer as a reference guide either for record or even for troubleshooting. It will also be useful if your laptop is sent for repairs and is back. You can cross reference all the inventory of your laptop and see if you are being ripped off. 😉

At the moment I am searching for something similar for Linux computers but this software only works with Windows versions. It supports all version from Windows 2000 onwards to Windows 7.

Do try out Look in my PC and drop in your comments to let me know what you think about it?


Serendipity November 11, 2011

How can I check for keyloggers on iTouch?

Aditya Kane November 11, 2011

I doubt anyone can log keys on a touch device. I am guessing you are asking about iPod Touch.