Facebook Extension for Google Chrome in Gmail

Google released Google buzz some days back and now we can directly navigate to Buzz inside Google mail. David Mulder added a Facebook extension for Gmail which will let you integrate Facebook into your Gmail account. You can quickly update your Status from Gmail.

This extension uses Facebook connect to show your friends news feeds inside gmail and update your status.


Once you installed this Chrome Extension, you need to authorize 3-4 times for status update, news feeds and reauthorization. This extension will bring whole Facebook experience inside your Gmail account. If you are a Facebook addict , this new chrome extension will be your choice.


Try this new Chrome Facebook extension and let us know your feedback.

Download Chrome facebook Extesnion

Meanwhile you can also Catch me on Google Buzz Here.


Suhasini February 18, 2010

Hey Harsh, I tried doing this but it did not come in my inbox. Any suggestion on this.

Harsh Agrawal March 13, 2010

Suhasini did you follow all the steps because it working for me without any issue…

Sahil Malhan February 18, 2010

It works only in standard gmail. Css for updates page is not so good, but once u click on user profile, it opens up facebook itself(within gmail).

Harsh Agrawal March 13, 2010

Thanks for your comment and input Sahil 🙂