Get Google Mobile Apps on Blackberry through Blackberry Enterprise Server

clip_image002 A few days back, Google had announced the Google Apps Connector for BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). A day later they announced the availability of new enterprise installation packages for Google Mobile App and Google Maps for mobile.

This means that now corporate BlackBerrys will be able to host Google’s favorite applications.

How does this work?

  1. Employees can now ask their IT guys to deploy Google Mobile applications to their corporate BlackBerry phones.

  2. The IT guys will be able to push applications to BlackBerry phones through the BlackBerry Enterprise Server or post the apps on an intranet where they can be downloaded securely by the employees.


User Benefits

Employees will be able to quickly search for information outside of the office. They can:

  1. Search by voice using Google Mobile App
  2. Quickly type queries by selecting query suggestions or look for past queries in their search history
  3. Search for anything they can find on Google, such as stock quotes, product information, or weather
  4. Enable local search with ‘My Location’
  5. Easily launch Google Maps for easy directions

I think this is good news for the users.

If you have more questions in mind, click here.

(Source: Google Mobile Blog)

(Image Credits: Google Mobile Blog)

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