Measure Distance on Google Maps

clip_image002[1]Do you ever have debates with your friends on which is the shortest way to travel between two places in your city? And then end up measuring the distance on your vehicle, to find out who wins?

Well, you may no longer need to hit the roads for that. A simple Google Map will solve your problem.

Here is how…

  • Browse through the Google Map directory and add the Distance Measurement Toolclip_image004[1]
  • Now, go to the Google Maps and enable the “Distance Measurement Tool” from “My Maps”


  • Browse to your locality map and start clicking on the road from source to destination.


  • You will see the total distance in the left pane of the window
  • Reset the map and now measure the distance of the alternate route in the same manner


And if this doesn’t impress you much, then another way to find the shortest route between any two points in your city (especially in India) is to hire a PREPAID auto rickshaw. Rest assured, the auto driver will take you from the shortest possible route (you like it or you don’t!).

Links: Google Maps, Distance Measurement Tool

(Images Credits: Fotosearch, Google Maps)