Get invitation to try new Orkut

Contest Update 1: The Contest is now closed and the first 9 valid entries will be invited. Link to the Orkut profile has been removed as the contest is now over.

Contest Update 2: 9 Orkut users has been invited. Check this post announcing winners list!


I have realized that ever since the last post on how Orkut has a new layout, I have got quite a few friends asking for a invitation to be sent to them.

The friends far outrun the number of invites I have so we at Orkut Diary have decided to send out invites as giveaway on a first come first serve basis.

Follow the 3 steps below to participate in this contest

  • Add as friend on Orkut by visiting Rahul Bansal’s profile. (Link has been removed as the contest is closed.)
  • Tweet about this contest on Twitter. Just “tweet” the following from your Twitter account.

Get Invitation to try new Orkut Layout

  • Write a comment with your full name. Your comment should include link to your Twitter status.

Remember you will be given out invites on a first come first serve basis so do hurry up and even though we will try to accommodate everyone.


Samrat Mazumdar October 30, 2009

Name: Samrat Mazumdar

roberto October 30, 2009


Victor Marques October 31, 2009

hope to get it soon
thx a lot

Henrique Marussi October 31, 2009

name: henrique


Jasir Javaz October 31, 2009

i am a recent visiter in ur site. i saw this post from google. its very nice hear

i am also a social network lover

Victor Marques October 31, 2009

Name: Victor Marques
hope to get it soon…:)

Adhithya Sethupathy October 31, 2009

Adhithya sethupathy

Victor Marques October 31, 2009

Didnt received any invitation
please sende me one
thx Victor

Pedro Comparin Correa October 31, 2009

twitter link status

Sreehari October 31, 2009

Name: Sreehari Kartha

shitu October 31, 2009

Hey i also need it
name:ankit susheel (shitu on orkut)

twitter :

Sandip Menon October 31, 2009

Name: Sandip Menon


Mohit Kochar October 31, 2009

Name:Mohit kochar


Ishan October 31, 2009

Please send me an invite

Rishi October 31, 2009

Count Me In The giveaway:-

Orkut Name :- Rishi

Twittered Link :-


Manisha agarwal October 31, 2009

i want a invitation to see new orkut

please some one give me

Shamit Kumar Tomar October 31, 2009

Name: Shamit Kumar Tomar

Twiiter Status:


Aaadee October 31, 2009

i want NEW ORKUT INVATATION plz send it to me

prashant November 1, 2009

plz invite me also

Marcelo Castro November 1, 2009

Marcelo Castro

MarcoA_A_M November 1, 2009

I Would Like Very Much an New Orkut Invitation. Old version is bad. The New can be better than Facebook.

Twitter Status:

meow November 1, 2009

i want to get the new orkut

netsoul November 1, 2009

Name: Robert Secwai

Please give me a invitation… Thanks!!!

Best Regards

Vix November 1, 2009

Please Guys I Need It

Victor Marques November 1, 2009

anybody received any invitation?

abhinav kaushik November 1, 2009

please invite me .

vinay24k November 1, 2009

Please Send me New orkut Invitation

Username – vinay24k (search with out spaces), Already sent Friend request to you on orkut
Twitter status Link :

I’ve promoted it ! and i will promote it even after u send Invitation…thanks in advance sir…

kalyan varma November 1, 2009


Lucas Delgado Leite November 1, 2009

name: Lucas Delgado Leite

Mário Bevilaqua November 2, 2009

send me one, pls!!!

Igor Fernandes November 2, 2009

Name : Igor Fernandes

vino November 2, 2009

Thank u…..

debayan laha November 2, 2009

name:debayan laha

twitter link:

Anumod I S November 2, 2009

Pleze send me one Invitation yaar…