Sidewiki takes the bookmarks way into Chrome

I wrote about Sidewiki on DW a month ago when Google made it available on their toolbar and ever since it has opened a pandora’s box on the debate weather people should be allowed to comment on your page while visiting it. Initially Sidewiki was made only available with Google Toolbar which was only available with Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers, but now Sidewiki is available with Chrome.


How to get Sidewiki?

  • Earlier with was only through the Google Toolbar, but now its through something Google calls as Bookmarklet. Once at the page, you can simple drag and drop the Sidewiki bookmarklet into the browsers bookmarks for Sidewiki to be available.
  • To access bookmarks in Chrome Browser press Ctrl + B.
  • Now visit any website and click on the Sidewiki bookmark and it pops up a page on the side for you to read and write comments.

Sidewiki for Webmasters

If you own a website then Sidewiki allows you to comment on your own website. This entry shows up with a green background and is remains alway on top of all other comments. For writing your comments you need to Add and verify your website with Google Webmaster Tools. Once you are done with it, log in with Google account on sidewiki while on your website homepage and write a Webmaster’s comment. 🙂

Link: Sidewiki Bookmarklet