Get ready for a less spammy Twitter search

Twitter LogoTwitter’s real time search is very useful to find recent updates about a particular topic. Like you can easily find out what’s being said about IPL now by searching for the term IPL. But the bad thing about these search results is the number of spam tweets that make our search worthless. There are thousands of bots tweeting affiliate links or promoting their products by including the popular keywords in their tweets. But now Twitter is building a new version of search to make our searches more useful.

Twitter is trying to make the search more useful by highlighting useful and popular tweets at the top of recent search results. With this new feature to search, popular tweets by users will be included to help users get right information about the term they searched on. According to the Twitter team, these new features will be available soon. Twitter team made this announcement on the Twitter API group.

Hi Developers!

The Search team is working on a beta project that returns the most popular tweets for a query, rather than only the most recent tweets. This is a beta project, but an important first step to surface the most popular tweets for users searching Twitter.

The new update will surely help all users and will also improve Trending topics on Twitter. As of now we can’t get the right information about any Trending topic, instead we get spammy promotions by automated bots. So just wait for the new update to get right better search results.

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Ankit March 21, 2010

Its good to see that Twitter is improving day by day, butfrom past three-four days I’m facing the some slow speed problem with Twitter. They should buy buy more bandwidth.