Facebook’s new impression count for page admins

Recently our editor Aditya posted about Facebook sending page reports to admins and now they have started showing posts insights with every single posts for you pages. That means now you can get stats for every single posts you publish which can be a status update, a link, video or even a single image you share.

facebook page

If you admin a page then post something and you will see “Post Insights not yet available, please check back later.” line attached with your post and after some time it will start showing the total number of impressions and a percentage feedback. Here number of impressions is the number of clicks on that posts by it’s fans and percent feedback is the total number of interactions i.e comments and likes as compared to the other posts of that page. By percentage feedback we can judge the quality of particular content.

Obviously this feature is very useful for those who have genuine pages for their business to track the user’s need but this feature isn’t available for every page right now. Hopefully they will launch it completely soon. What do you think about this new feature? Tell us, drop a comment below.


CA June 22, 2010

could you please tell for which all pages it is available… is there any criteria for these insights like page members or anything??

Sauravjit June 22, 2010

I think it’s for fan pages having fans more than 10000. 🙂

aaron November 28, 2010

It is still not clear wether it is the number of times the post is viewed in the newsfeed or the click count on that post.

Marty December 28, 2010

I don´t think that this is the number of clicks. How should i get 10.000 so called impressions with about 4.000 Fans – which is normal on my fan page. So I think impressions are impressions. That´s what the name says, too.