Get some more invitations to try the new orkut

First of all congrats to all the Winners for New Orkut Invitations. But we have some more invites for you too as usual you have the easiest way of getting it.

How to register for new invites?

  • Copy the text and links given below:

Get some more invitations to try the new orkut

  • Now post this to your twitter account.
  • Add the author ‘Sauravjit‘ as your friend (click here for the profile link)
  • Now post your Orkut profile name, e-mail, and your twitter update status link in the comment section below.

How winners will be selected?

  • Just post the above details as a comment in the comment section below.
  • The invites will be sent to every 5th commenter i.e the 5th, 10th, 15th commenter will be invited and the best thing is you can post as many comments as you want but there shouldn’t me more than 2 successive comment.
  • If we can’t invite the commenter in the series for any reason, the invite will be given to the next commenter.
  • We’ll inform you when the contest closes as lots of invites to be won!!
  • We will check the twitter status and if any dissatisfies the required condition, he/she won’t be eligible for this contest.

Drop a comment for any clarification,

LINK: Orkut Profile Sauravjit

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  1. Orkut profile name-^♥^ĐĒV^♥^তাতুন MŌŇ ĜÏËČĦĔ MŌŇÉŖ ĠĤÅŘ
    Orkut profile name-
    [email protected]
    twitter update status link-

  2. hiii dis is davinder
    i want nokia music theme ………
    plz tell me about how i get this theme?

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