Twitter wants to cut down irrelevancy on trends

The latest ace up Twitter’s sleeve will be a project that will reduce irrelevancy on trends. Trends seem to be a great way to follow news items or current events on Twitter. But now a days the moment a trend is up on Twitter it gets inundated with many spam and unrelated tweets which are trying to desperately switch your attention somewhere else.

With the recent add-ons like Lists and Retweet, clearing up the junk in Trending topics just might make Twitter the preferred website to follow events online.


Twitter Trends and problems with relevancy

  • Trends are a way for users to promote information. I was looking for the cricket score and following #cricket and I found that almost 1 in every 4th tweet there was irrelevant.
  • The reason irrelevancy comes into the picture is not always because of spammers but it also happens inadvertently. Sometimes people end up discussing something unrelated when on that particular trend because of the open nature of Twitter.
  • Twitter has promised that it will devise a way to make trending topics more relevant and cut down the tweets from spammers.

What Twitter might do?

I had discussed Bing Twitter in a past article which is a feature with the search engine Bing that allowed search users to look up relevant Tweets about a particular topic. I think Twitter will take search engine results and other ways Tweets are looked up online to rank them within a trend for relevancy. I think all of this will take place behind the scenes as Twitter did announce in its blog that the results of Twitter trends becoming more relevant won’t be seen immediately but see over time gradually.

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