Get Web Hosting For $1 For an Year! [Valentine Offer]

surpass hosting Web hosting for an year that too for just $1! Sounds pretty interesting, isn’t it? I would say, hosting for an year that too from a reputed web-host is a superb deal. This offer is only for three days between 14th and 16th February by Surpass Hosting. The usual shared hosting plan by Surpass that costs around $4-7 per month will be offered for just $1 on the occasion of Valentines day. πŸ˜‰

The features of this plan are as follows:

  • 500 GB Disk Space
  • Hosting of a maximum of 10 domains
  • Unmetered Bandwidth

So what else do you want? I think 500 GB of disk space with unlimited bandwidth for just $1 is really too good plan to go for, though I cannot say much about its services as we are with Dreamhost. But when consulted with friends, the review of Surpass hosting was not bad as well. I am sure, our dear host – Dreamhost too, would come up with something amazing like it had previously – Dreamhost’s New Year Sale – Get 95% off on Unlimited Plans!

Well, if you are planning to go for this plan by Surpass hosting, then I would advise you to arrange $1 in your PayPal account in advance.

Thanks Prashanth for the tip. πŸ™‚

Links: Surpass Shared Hosting for $1

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Simran February 13, 2009

That’s a great offer.

Gaurish Sharma February 13, 2009

they have got mixed reviews and they are smart by giving 500GB disk space as no one will ever use this amount of space.

pranav February 13, 2009

offer is really amazing.but 1 thing i am worried about is, that this vil b a contractual hosting fr 1 if i don like der services can i change it in between d yr…

n do dey actually provide 99.9% uptime as per der guarantee

Gautam February 13, 2009

I would have brought the hosting if DreamHost was giving this offer. πŸ™
I do have dollars in Paypal but don’t want to waste it on any other hosting other than DreamHost.

Simran February 13, 2009

@ Gautam

Same case is with me.

Solid Blogger February 14, 2009

Amazing offer. $1 is not a huge amount also. I recommended this to everyone!

Mandar February 15, 2009

Yes! I am opening new account over there. Lets see now πŸ™‚

BTW Thanks Deepak πŸ™‚

Deepak Jain February 17, 2009

@ Mandar, Mohd Atif
Welcome buddy πŸ™‚

Congratulations buddy!
BTW Dreamhost offer is still on, if you want you can still get 1 πŸ˜‰

Gautam February 15, 2009

I have ordered it now… as I also missed the Dreamhost offer. They will send me my username & password within next 48 hours.
At the time of registration, they said that I don’t have to pay anything (0$)
But then I read the One love Terms and its written:
8) You will notice that your order results in $0.00 invoice. This is normal. After you place the order we will use a script to process your order and adjust the invoice to the $1.00 due amount. You will be emailed after this occurs with instruction to login and make payment towards the adjusted invoice. After you have made payment, and after we have reviewed the order manually, your new account will be activated and you will receive the Welcome email with all account details.

Gautam February 15, 2009

Hosting bought πŸ˜€
They charged me 1$
I don’t care even if they charge that, I already have a lot in my account πŸ˜›

Mohd Atif February 16, 2009

Thanks for the offer πŸ™‚

Mandar February 16, 2009

I have got da hosting account! Providing Great Service !

ArpitNext February 16, 2009

will try surpass …