Dreamhost’s New Year Sale – Get 95% off on Unlimited Plans!

Update: The offer is still going on! Also as reported by Sriganesh and other readers, the offer is for US region only. You can still use this offer from other countries using a proxy server. Here is list of some good proxies. (Dt. 07 Jan 2009)

image Dreamhost, one of the best shared webhosting service which we use ourselves, has started new year with a crazy sale where they are offering discounts upto 95% of 2 years of unlimited plans.

This is completely unlimited plan with unlimited storage space, bandwidth, accounts, emails, domains, databases, users, etc. The only thing limited is time! This offer is limited for one day only!

2 year plan which normally costs $214.80 is available for much lesser values using special promo codes…

  • $10.74 i.e. 95% off – Promo code “202”
  • $21.48 i.e. 90% off – Promo code “220”
  • $$85.92 i.e. 60% off – Promo code “223”
  • $107.40 i.e. 50% off – Promo code “224”
  • $150.36 i.e. 30% off – Promo code “226”

You will get crazy discount whenever you will check their homepage today! They will also vary whenever you will open their page from different browsers. So go and get it! 😉

Just in case you happen to miss these special discount offers, you can still use promo code DW50 to get $50.

Link: Dreamhost


Manish Malhotra January 4, 2009

Thats COOL

Sriganesh January 4, 2009

It says “Promo code error: Promo code invalid for your region!” when I enter 202 !!!

The offer I see at their homepage is “Get two years of hosting for 70% off! Sign up now, choose “Host a Domain”, and then the 2 year payment option, and use the code “229”.That’s a $214.80 value for just $64.44.”

Gautam January 4, 2009

Cool Dude!
Thanks for posting!

Gautam January 4, 2009

I lost the 95% offer 🙁
Right now its 50% offer

And does dreamhost allows Paypal payment? :O

Sriganesh January 4, 2009

Just clear your cookies in IE and try each time..
it changes…
80% off code – 221
70% off code – 229

Sriganesh January 4, 2009

None of the codes work for me..
Everytime it says error.
“Promo code error: Promo code invalid for your region!”

Deepak Jain January 4, 2009

This is for your information.
If you use Indian address while signing up, this offer won’t be available for you.
If you want to see ‘202’ code work, you need to use any random US address..

Sriganesh January 4, 2009

I tried dat too…
Not working for me 🙁
May be it detects IP address..

Gaurish Sharma January 4, 2009

*Does not apply to Indian customers
*I tried using code “202” with US IP, got 90% discount amount 21.48.

Sriganesh January 4, 2009

Well, could you temme how to go with US IP…
Which proxy service u used??

Mayur Somani January 4, 2009

Step 1. Visit http://kproxy.com
Step 2. Enter this URL, http://www.dreamhost.com/ into the text box and click on surf.
Step 3. Click on Sign up Now.
Step 4. Fill all the information properly (use two year plan etc.)
Step 5. Very Important- While entering the address choose country as US and not IN (common sense is really very uncommon 😉 )
Step 6. Get discount.
Step 7. Enjoy!

Thaya Kareeson January 5, 2009

You’ve saved me $386.64! (signed up for 2 accounts). Thank you!

Abhishek January 5, 2009

Its real party time from Dream host !!

Chetan January 5, 2009

Its really great,i think dream host is quality web host

Deca January 5, 2009

Oh, I missed this 🙁

Sriganesh January 5, 2009

Offer extended for one more day…
Check it out..

Sriganesh January 5, 2009

You cannot sign up with Indian IP.
Use this proxy software to get US IP.
Give any random US address for safety.
Use the promo code as 220 or 202. Both give only 90% off.
You need to a credit card to pay the money. You have to use google checkout to finish the payment.
In half an hour your account will be activated.

p@r@noid January 6, 2009

And what about the address??
I think we need to put US address.
This is what happened in my case!

Bapun January 6, 2009

Kindly help. Whenever I am using google checkout, the transaction is not taking place. I mean the google might be smelling the proxy, and not loading properly. what to do in this case?

Sriganesh January 7, 2009

Offer still remains..
This is the right time to buy your hosting account..

Rahul Bansal January 7, 2009

Offer is still there.
Thank you guys for your comments on proxy and region issues. 🙂

BTW where is treat for me n deepak for saving hundreds of your bucks! 😉

Sriganesh January 8, 2009

Sure 🙂
Come to Chennai… Il give u ppl a biggg treat…

Btw the offer is still there…

Deepak Jain January 17, 2009

I may go to Chennai next month 😛

Rahul Bansal January 15, 2009

Thanks… 😀
I will surely catch u whenever I will visit Chennai… 🙂

Sriganesh January 18, 2009

Sure you are welcome to my place…

I am also visiting North India this February.. 10 day College tour 😉

Deepak Jain January 18, 2009

@ Sriganesh
Okiez.. Not sure, but I may come Chennai sometime this year for my CA coaching.
BTW I am not from North India, I reside in Orissa 😉

bbcrew February 12, 2009

Are dreamhost not work with paypal payment?

I can’t use google checkout because it tell me to suspended my account always with all of cards.

Rahul Bansal February 13, 2009

Dreamhost sometimes hide paypal option.
Sorry but could not understand your problem regarding google checkout.

bbcrew February 13, 2009

Rahul Bansal

Google checkout tell me. >>

Thank you for your email. After further review, it has come to our
attention that your account ID: [email protected] does not comply with
our Terms and Conditions. As a result, your account has been suspended.
Any pending and future transactions made with this account will not be

Though your order has been cancelled, you may notice activity on your
debit/credit card for this order. Please be assured that the amount on
your card statement is an authorization, not an actual charge, and the
authorization will be removed from your account within 1-14 business days,
depending on your bank.

Thank you for your understanding.

Rahul Bansal February 13, 2009

Open a new account then.
We cant do anything once your account gets suspended. 🙁