Get Your Pictures Talking with Fotobabble

We have heard that Images speaks a lot more than words, but what if you add words to your picture? It would be fun to add voice to pictures and share it with friends. You can easily create a motion picture selecting few cool pictures and adding voice or music to it. Does it seem tough?

I used to think it was tough, but with Fotobabble it is very easily achievable and more good thing is that is free to use .I love this service for blogging, I can select few creative commons pictures or screen shots from photo galleries , arrange them and add voice to make a perfect tutorial.


Fotobabble is a simple to use and you can make your pictures talking in 3 simple steps:

Create Fotobabble:

For creating a Fotobabble, you just need to signup (takes few seconds). Browse your picture and upload it. Make sure that you select the option about making it publicly available or not.

Create a Fotobabble

Edit Fotobabble:

Once you will upload the picture, click on record button and start speaking via microphone or external mic. If you want, you can add Tags to the images, for easy search. Save your Fotobabble.

Edit Fotobabble

Share Fotobabble:

As soon as you “Save” your fotobabble, it’s ready to be shared with your friends. You can easily share your pictures on Social networking websites, share link URL of pictures or embed in your blog.


I found this service awesome. Check out and start making your pictures talking. Don’t forget to share your feedback about Fotobabble.