Getting ready for WordPress 2.3! List of Compatible Plugins!

Update: Finally WordPress 2.3 is released !

Few hours down the line coming to blogsphere is WordPress 2.3! Yes its Monday, September 24 now (in India atleast) and bloggers here are waiting for this feature packed release! To kill some time in waiting let me tell you about features which excites me…

  • The one simply best and could be standalone reason to upgrade is automatic plugin update feature! In WordPress Teams own word, “Enjoy the last time you have to check for plugin updates manually, as 2.3 will do it magically behind the scenes.”
  • Also coming built-in tag support, which means you don’t have to go through the pain of using complex Ultimate Tag Warrior plugins! By the way I never dared to use that personally, as I felt it wasn’t worth the pain! (Read more about How To Add WordPress 2.3 Tags To Your Current Theme)

Finally if you are worried about compatibility of your favorite wordpress plugins with 2.3 version you can check this list of plugins that have been tested for compatibility with Version 2.3. The page maintains three separate lists…

Also if you never upgraded wordpress before following is list of resources you may find useful…

Thats it for the day I guess as rest I will be spending playing with new WordPress! 🙂

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