[Updated] Blogger to WordPress 1-to-1 Redirection Plugin

Around 2 year back, I developed my first WordPress plugin, named Blogger to WordPress Redirection Plugin (see old post). It was developed to take care of 1-to-1 redirection between old Blogger.com posts and new WordPress blog. Over the time, we launched a professional service for Blogger to WordPress Migration and many users thought that they will never see any […]

Syntax Highlighter Compress – Best Syntax Highlighter WordPress Plugin

When I write post and highlight HTML/CSS or PHP or any other languages, I have to replace tags ‘<' with '<' . It consumes a lot of time to convert. An easy way to implement source code or programming language is to implement a WordPress plugin. WordPress plugin Syntax Highlighter Compress has support for many…

Tune Up Media – Give your music library a facelift!

Have you ever noticed how the ads for iTunes or Windows Media Player look? The media library is splashed with a riot of colors which has great cover art for every album stored in there. My iTunes in contrast has nothing more than the miserable grey, blue and white. Correction. My iTunes had nothing more than the miserable grey, blue and white. With almost just a single click, my latest find had my library set to rock n’ roll.
Tune Up Media is an iTunes and Windows Media Player attachment which instantly organizes you music library.

WordPress – Give A New Look To Your Old Admin Dashboard

Many WordPress user may not be comfortable with the old admin User Interface. So lets talk about a WordPress plugin that gives a new look to your admin dashboard. Using this you can release a lot of space from the left of your admin panel. All admin links are available in a clean horizontal drop down menu, you can find it on the top of your WordPress admin panel.

Organize Series Plugin for a WordPress blog

Many times in your blog you write a multiple posts on similar topics. For instance you might write a lengthy tutorial on some topic and break it down into 5-6 posts. This is where having a series plugin on your WordPress blog is quite useful. I have used the Organize Series plugin and really felt […]

[Solved] Homepage Redirecting to The Latest Page Issue

There is an issue with Redirection plugin for wordpress. Redirection plugin is used to create redirect rules without any technical knowledge. About the issue… Whenever you create a latest page inside wordpress, all visitors to your homepage get redirected to the newly created page. This used to happen before also, but seems like the issue has […]

Lyrics Plugin for Windows Media Player and Winamp

Very often, we search for the lyrics of our favourite songs on web. To address the purpose there are many websites available, the list of which can simply be obtained via search engines. What if such a thing happens that every time you listen to your favourite songs, the lyrics are displayed besides the song […]

Checking Adsense Revenue without Logging into Adsense Site [How-to]

There are chances that you log-in to your adsense dashboard each morning to check your revenue reports, etc. So, here in this post I am going to mention various ways using which you can check your Adsense revenue reports without logging into the adsense dashboard periodically. Firefox Add-on for Checking Adsense Revenue You can either […]