Gmail Enables Storing upto 25,000 Contacts! [3 GB Storage]

Google is fast realising the potential of Gmail. The reason it gave fewer headaches to people using free email through internet was the amount of storage space it gave to users. When I moved from Hotmail (which allowed 2MB space back then) to Gmail (which allowed 1 GB initially), I never had to delete older email. I did not secondary email accounts to store important emails. Gmail had made life a lot easier intuitively.


Gmail has announced that it is allowing storage of up to 25,000 contacts. The previous number allowed was 10,000.

Also the amount of space used by one particular contact has been increased from 32 KB to 128 KB. This size increase can help professionals mainly to keep notes and more data per contact. I doubt that someone might actually use up to 128 KB for all 25,000 contacts.

This increase of size limit, means we can store up to 3 GB of contacts!

Gmail’s recent subtle changes!

Gmail has recently made some subtle changes with features and options. With allowing personal images to be inserted in Gmail layout to sending emails in the background while surfing the inbox, Gmail is back to old roots.

Now, with a lot of businesses using Google Apps for their email needs, Gmail has needed to evolve more. Also with Chrome OS, Gmail id will come more into focus with all your data being tied to that Google account.

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