20 Bookmarklet Alternative for Popular Chrome Extensions

As soon as you read the title of this post, you must have got a doubt “why should I avoid extensions?”  Well, too many extensions for a browser is not good and when it comes to Chrome, it’s horrible because Chrome is already known for its high memory usage and now if you install more extensions, then it become a resource hog!

How to avoid extensions?

  • Have you heard about Bookmarklets? At least you must’ve known about User Scripts. Currently those two are the only alternatives to these memory sucking extensions. Bookmarklets are small java script codes which alter the webpage you’re viewing; they’re generally stored as bookmarks.
  • An Extension loads up as soon as a browsers starts and it continues to work (irrespective of website). On the other hand Bookmarklets and User Scripts are Website specific, for example if you want to spice up your Facebook theme, then all you wanted is a simple Userscript not an extension like Better Facebook.
  • Installing Bookmarklets is as easy as pie. Just drag the Bookmarklet links into your bookmarks bar and click to access them instantly.

List of Extensions you can avoid

  1. Firebug Lite Bookmarklet – Alternative to Firebug Lite Extension
  2. Capture Screenshot Bookmarklet – Alternative to Screen Capture(by Google) Extension
  3. Dictionary.com Bookmarklet – Alternative to Google Dictionary Extension
  4. Blog this! Bookmarklet – Alternative to Blog this! Extension
  5. Tineye Bookmarklet – Alternative to Tineye reverse image search Extension
  6. TBuzz Bookmarklet – Alternative to Twitter Tweet button Extension
  7. WOT Bookmarklet – Alternative to WOT Extension
  8. Retail Me Not Bookmarklet – Alternative to Invisible Hand Extension
  9. Amazon Wish List Bookmarklet – Alternative to Amazon Wish List Extension
  10. FFixer UserScript – Alternative to Better Facebook Extension
  11. Facebook Photo Theatre Killer UserScript – Alternative to Revert Facebook Photo Viewer Extension
  12. MegaUpload Auto Download UserScript – Alternative to MegaUpload Download Helper Extension
  13. RapidShare Auto Download UserScript – Alternative to RapidShare Download Helper Extension
  14. Quix Bookmarklet – Alternative to Bitly Sidebar, Readability, Clip to Evernote and many more!
  15. YouTube Lyrics UserScript – Alternative to Music Video Lyrics for YouTube Extension
  16. Loopy for YouTube UserScript – Alternative to Auto Replay for YouTube Extension
  17. Keepvid Bookmarklet – Alternative to YouTube Downloader Extension
  18. Turn Off The Lights UserScript – Alternative to Turn off the Lights Extension
  19. Read Later Bookmarklet – Alternative to Instapaper Extension
  20. Alternative to FlashBlock – If you’re using Chrome as your default browser, then you can make use of this tutorial to block flash elements.
  • Type about:flags in the Omni bar and hit enter, now search for click to play experiment and click enable.
  • Next, go to Chrome’s settings page i.e. chrome://settings/content, under Plugins section, select click to play. That’s it, from now chrome doesn’t load flash elements.

Tip: You can allow flash elements to load in video sites like YouTube through the plugins icon in the omni bar.

I know, these UserScripts and Bookmarklets cannot replace the Extensions perfectly but still, if you think from memory perspective then they’re worth trying.

Do share your views on these UserScripts and Bookmarklets.