Go Green Initiative by File Dropper; Get 250 GB of Free Storage!

Recently I came across an awesome article in Arpit’s blog wherein he mentions about how to get 250 GB of free web space at filedropper. This is a wonderful initiative taken by FileDropper and Smashing Apps to save cutting down of trees. You too can get a free account at FileDropper with 250 GB of free storage in it which will be valid for 20 Years.


Well, you need not worry thinking there would be any catch for getting this free account. There is no such catch, the only thing you need to do is, to pledge on your social networking profiles like facebook, orkut or on your blog about not wasting paper (Arpit’s pledge is here). You can then signup at FileDropper with the promo code “smashingapps” and get your filedropper account with 250 GB of free storage space in it. 🙂

Just sign up for this offer as soon as possible because the offer lasts till 30th of this month (30 January, 2009).

Links: Signup for FileDropper | More about Go Green Initiative

Thanks Arpit for the tip. 🙂

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10 replies on “Go Green Initiative by File Dropper; Get 250 GB of Free Storage!”

  1. I have signed up for the site but i am not able to upload anything..when i select a file and click on upload button nothing happens..i tried it with both IE and Firefox ..please tell me what to do..

  2. Just signed up for the site..
    Thanks for the link and the promo code works fine..

    Only problem is sometimes the page doesn’t get redirected after uploading. So u need to upload it again..

    One drawback is that if you upload any image it will add a watermark at the bottom of the image saying that the file is “hosted at filedropper.com”

    Check out the image I uploaded…

  3. hey its working now i created my account as mr . sriganesh is telling sometimes it work and sometimes it doesn’t work . today it was my luck …

    1. @ richi
      Good to know you worked out on the problem 🙂

      @ Sriganesh
      Every benefits and free stuffs comes with atleast a minor fault and small disadvantage..
      And I think, the same thing is happening with this site too 🙂

      Promo code has been highlighted in Red on the post..

  4. I just cancelled my subscription, doesn’t come close to uploading 5GB files. It stops at 3MB … several times I tried. I went to 3 computers. I would suggest sticking with yousendit … it is VERY reliable and works great. I am asking them to allow 5GB files to be sent. I sent several emails to the owner and no response. watch your bank accounts, this seems like fraud to me.

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