Now Backup list of your Orkut Friends on your Hard Disk!

Its not too long that, Orkut Plus launched a scrap backup tool called Scrap Backup mate using which it was possible to backup a copy of all the scraps of Orkut scrapbook locally (i.e. on your hard-disk).

Because of a huge positive response to this awesome tool, OrkutPlus has recently developed another similar tool using which, you can backup the list of people in your Orkut Friend’s list along with the link to their Orkut profile and their name and E-mail Address.

This tool named Friends Backupmate, has the ability to store all your friend’s Orkut profile link just with a single mouse click. The advantage of such tool is that, if accidentally, your Orkut profile gets deleted, you can retain the relationship with the friends in your old (deleted) Orkut profile. According, to the official coder of OrkutPlus, they are looking for developing one such tool that will automatically add all the backed up friends in your new profile.

If you too want to backup your friend’s profile, just visit Friends backup page (English | Portuguese), provide your Orkut login and within seconds, a list of all the people in your friends list will be generated. 🙂

Links: More Info | Friends Backup tool ( English | Portuguese )


Dnyanesh February 3, 2009

A better alternative to the above method:
1. Open your Orkut account.
2. Click on friends on the top navigation bar.
3. On the bottom right-side you will find ‘Export Contacts’ button
4. It will ask you to save the .csv file (opens in MS Excel)

The only interesting thing I found about the above method was the profile pics. But, they are bound to change every now and then.

Gaurav Dua February 4, 2009

@Dnyanesh – In a week or so we will add support to import contacts to any orkut profile.

That should make this tool super productive and was the idea behind creation of this tool. This is just part one of the orkut friends backupmate.

Dnyanesh February 4, 2009


hmm…now thats interesting!

gulan April 20, 2009

4 d trik