Google+ has 100 million Monthly Active Users

Google+ might not be as popular as Facebook and without previous data about daily active users, it was difficult to really claim it was successful. But today, according to Vic Gundotra (Senior Vice President, Engineering) of Google has revealed that Google+ has over 100 million active monthly users.

Google+ might have 100 million monthly active users but Facebook supposedly has over 900 million. What is more impressive about Facebook, is that it has over 500 million daily active users.

That said, Facebook is over 8 years old, while Google+ is just a year old.

What could be driving growth for Google+?

  • More and more people will keep visiting Google+, as the notifications show up on Gmail.
  • A host of Android users might be switching on saving photos to Google+ automatically. I use it often to create galleries of personal photos. I think a lot of people are not comfortable sharing their personal photos on Facebook because of its reputation with privacy (rather lack of it).
  • Google+ is a lot like Twitter, in the sense it seems a place to share public posts. That means these public URLS can be shared on other social networks and I see a lot of cross posting taking place. That might also be getting more people involved with Google+.

Google+ has become one of my favourite social networking websites. I also have seen a marked increase in my own activity and also the people I interact with.

That increase in activity sometimes can invite spammers and here is a quick guide on how to get complete control over who can send you notifications on Google+.

Do you think Google+ will ever challenge Facebook? Do drop in your comments.