How to Control Who Sends You Notifications on Google+

I have started using Google+  over the past couple of months and have come across some instances when people who have added me to their circles sending sharing a post and notifying me. A lot of them unfortunately can be marketing posts, which can be irritating.

I decided to look up some tweaks in Google+ settings to reduce the notifications I get from people.

How it works:

  • Look up your privacy options for Google plus by visiting
  • Now you can choose exactly who can send you notifications. I have chosen “Extended Circles” but you can customize your choice and limit it to a particular circle of contacts or even just one single contact on Google+.
Google Plus Notifications Settings
  • Finally, in case if the offender is from within your “Circles” and you cannot remove them or stop following them, then you can mute all posts notifications from them manually.
  • Just visit their profile on Google plus and at the end of the right hand column, you will get the option of muting that particular user. This will stop all notifications appearing from that person but you will be still able to read their posts.

Hope this helps you get rid of any unwanted notifications from Google+.

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