Google adds Books to Play Store’s catalogue in India

Google Play users in India can now buy Books from the store, along with Apps. Music and Magazines are yet to be added, though.

It’s been a long time since Google has moved from Android Market to Google Play, aiming to create a store for all kinds of content, including Apps, Music, Books and Magazines. But in many countries, Play store is restricted to Apps, nothing more than that.

Until today, India was one of those. Thankfully, Google has added new kind of content to its store – releasing Play Books in India.


If you open Google Play in your browser or the app on your Android, you should be seeing a Books section inline with Apps. You’ll be prompted to download Play Books app for Android, which is what you need if you want to read any books you’ve bought.

The collection seems to be pretty huge, especially for a first time release. There are a good number of books you can get for free, too – check out the ‘Top Free’ section for those.

You can preview the books before buying which is nice to have. Apart from Play Books app on Android, you can even read the books on your library from the site itself. If you’re on iOS, you can get the Play Books app, it’s also optimized for iPad.

Flipkart has been doing pretty great with their eBooks collection and Apple has recently brought music to iTunes store in India. It’ll be interesting to see which service people will go with for buying content.

Link: Google Play