Motorola’s “Moto X” expected to be announced on July 11

An advertisement by Motorola suggest that the new Moto X phone will be assembled in the US and will be highly customizable. The phone details are expected to be shared at a July 11 event.

Update: It seems the event was not about “Moto X” but the phone is expected soon. You can see a leaked video of Moto X features at this link.

When Google acquired Motorola, it was often argued that Google bought the company only for it’s patents. There have been rumours of a new Android based Google phone being developed at Motorola. Moto X has been announced more or less as around the corner with newspaper ads in the US. Motorola’s official page on Google+ also shared the same advert.

MotoX InviteThe words suggests the Moto X phone will be highly customizable (hence designed by you) and it will be assembled in the USA. The assembled in USA will basically earn Motorola some political brownie points much like how Apple announced the “Made in America” Mac Pro.

When is Moto X going to be launched?

The official announcement page from Motorola Mobility suggests over 2000 new employees at their Texas facility during the summer, where the Moto X will be assembled. This means the phone should start shipping out in a month or so. Motorola has announced press invite on the 11th of July leading to rumours, that the phone will be announced at the event.The two people diving in the advertisement show an “X” and “I”, which translates to “XI” which is 11 in roman numerals.

But the press invite is for a select few and that reason is being cited by some experts to suggest the event will not a launch for Moto X.

With all the hype around Moto X, it hopefully will be something innovative and path breaking and not just a lot of hyperbole. Hopefully, Motorola who are the pioneers of mobile technology are also valued for something more than their patent portfolio by Google.

What do you expect from Moto X? Do drop in your comments.


Arun Sathiya July 7, 2013

I should say I’m really excited about this new Moto X! Looking forward to see what Google has in hands.

Adrik Kuzmin July 7, 2013

I want biiiiiiiiig battery. Efficient power usage. Biiiiig ram. Just nice power efficient processors.
1080p screen. Beautiful cameras. Tons of accessories.

The most important I expect to be delivered by Motorola is a super powerful microphone for call quality and super duper signal strength.

Arun Sathiya July 12, 2013

I don’t think so, Adrik. The rumors tell us that Moto X will be a middle end smartphone. We can’t expect a big battery life and big RAM in this device. :-/

Adrik Kuzmin July 7, 2013

Ouh! And multiple sim!