Update: Google Apps, Gmail, Drive and Docs Experience Partial Outage!

Google apps accounts and services like Gmail, Docs, Drive face partial outage across the world. Google apps account outage could impact businesses who rely on it.

Several of Google services are facing an outage. The outage seems to be partial but widespread. Gmail. Google Drive, Documents, Presentations, Spreadsheets all are facing downtime. Usually a service outage with one or two apps on Google happens from time to time, it usually does not happen with so many different services.

Here is a screenshot from Google’s app status dashboard.

Google App Status Outage apr13This outage is affecting not just free services but also Google App accounts, who actually pay to use Google App for work. A major outage for a long time is bound to be be cause some major criticism. That said, Google usually has most services usually boast of over 99% of uptime regularly. But if Google wants more and more people to move to the cloud, downtime for more than an hour could soon be termed unacceptable.

I have personally not encountered any outage on my Google account today but if you have, would love read your comments.

Update: All affected services seem to be up and running now.

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KRISHNA April 18, 2013

I also faced same issue while checking email with apps account, at that time only google mail service have that outage issue