Google Buzz Data to be Sent to Google Drive!

Finally Google is shutting down Google Buzz in July. Google will be moving all your Google Buzz content to Google Drive on July 17.

With Google+ proving to be gain momentum, the internet giant has finally decided to shut down it’s not-so-successful social network, Google Buzz. Google Buzz has been unavailable to the public since an year and finally Google has announced that all the Google Buzz posts/content will be sent to the user’s Google Drive account.

This move is actually a good one by Google that ensures that the users’ have a backup of their Buzz history. Google will begin moving the data on July 17, and meanwhile you have three other options to access/download your Buzz content. You can choose one among these three :

  1. You can check your Buzz history on your Google profile.
  2. Download them using Google Takeout.
  3. Access it on the Google Dashboard.


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More About This Transition

Google has also announced that moving this data to your Google Drive account and it won’t affect your storage data. No matter how many gigabytes the posts are, Google will move and store them on your Google Drive account and for free.

  1. Google will send the files in two forms. Private and Public. Private file will contain all the private posts made by you. Public file will contain all the posts that you have made publicly. The public posts will still appear on Google Search and also is accessible to anyone who has the link.
  2. Comments that you made on other’s posts will be available only to the posts’ authors and not you.
  3. All the files moved by Google from Buzz to Drive act like normal files in Drive. You can do anything with them. Copy to other folders or delete them, it’s up to you.
  4. If you don’t want your comments to be in others’ Drives or do not wish to have a backup of your Buzz stuff, you can easily delete all your Buzz content right now.

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